Ambrose Island - Pre-release Discussion

I feel they might apply the “underground facility extent” again but we’ll see. I hope not. Already plenty of underground facilities. Unless it’s a location for an EE.


I kinda wish it’s full hostile map, which also seems likely judging by the pictures. I like Colorado as a map but the problem in doing it suit only is how open it is, this one doesn’t seem to be. Dartmoor on the other hand (pretty much full hostile) is way too easy and those two are the only proper full hostile sandbox maps we have. This map also reminds me of the Lighthouse mission from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory somewhat.


I feel this map is just slightly modified Haven.
Or a hodgepodge of everything what you said

Finally we get to airport with a winter theme.:sweat_smile: so we can use all winter gear and clothes. And the airport is going to give us so many great possibilities for accidents. :sweat_smile: and it’s going to be a good combination of public and descriptive areas. :sweat_smile: just like a lot of us wish for it was so good that we got that that’s is the Last one :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: The only thing that’s weird is Rocky Code name.:joy: but it’s probably nothing.:joy: probably just describing what is underneath the snow. Was it all a good day :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(while walking away laughing crazy )

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i get what you mean, but i’d consider mumbai more of an dense urban space rather than what i’d typically associate with tropical.


I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised by how large this map seems to be. For an additional map I was expecting a more medium sized map like Whittleton Creek or New York

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I think we can subdivide tropical based on climate classification, as that might help to differentiate biomes (and IOI has used up a lot of biomes). Mumbai may be subtropical or tropical in climate, but the locale is dense urban space, I agree. However, to Norseman’s point, I’m hoping IOI can differentiate this mission enough from Haven Island and Santa Fortuna in that this is a tropical setting at night with rocky outcroppings, maybe even a volcano.

Based on someone’s comment that the beached boats look like Filipino bangkas, I’m hoping this mission takes place in the Philippines. Looks like it could be any number of archipelagos in Southeast Asia.


Without knowing much, it’s hard to really judge this location. A more outdoor winter place would be nice, same with an airport map too, but at this point I’m still happy for anything new.

As someone who likes the story of these games, I’m interested to see if/where this location feeds into the main campaign narrative like all the previous ones. If we got a two map pairing like the Gold Expansion, that’d be swell. Or it could feed into a Patient Zero styled mini campaign and we get some previous locations remixes thrown in.

Lots to look forward too.


Agreed. I know everyone’s been clamoring for a winter map and/or an airport, of course. Those may have been ruled out depending on how exactly this does feed into the narrative.

Speaking of Patient Zero, I almost feel like they could fake its final cutscene into kicking off this mission as an extended part of PZ: we see 47 is in a tropical apartment setting and he tells Diana he’s “acquired the target.” It’s not much, but it could retroactively apply here.


Quite like the night vibe with what looks to be a Radar or Communication tower? I’m up for a more infiltration map. Perhaps one of those starting as infiltration and sneak into a party and public space.

Some prototyping for Bond perhaps?
Hope the starting area’s animation is seeing a rubber duck in the sea and raises out to show 47 in full scuba gear and pans away to the beach to show 47 walking up the sand in the player’s chosen suit.

I would hold your horses on that for now.

Seems to me that this is focusing on the first half of 2022. If we’re getting content for 12 months then this is a small confirmation of big things dropping throughout Year 2, but most of it is sooner than later: Things on January 20th, Spring '22, and “later”… Unless the new map isn’t out until December – but given the clips we were shown (and some leaks so far) – it’s looking like there’s a good portion of progress on the mission so far.

I’m sure they’d mention it would be the only one, just to damper expectations. But Clemens said there’s “still more to come” this year so this isn’t the end, I’d say…


Looks a pretty cool map. Looking forward to playing and seeing what it’s like.

Hope we get another snow map further down the line as well.


I love Santa Fortuna and Haven Island, they are 2 of my favourite maps in the series.
But that doesn’t mean I need more of it.

I’m actually excited and I love the night time setting for it. We don’t really have many night time locations in the trilogy, especially if you think about main missions and not bonus ones.


First impressions are that Rocky looks like a dull combination of Colorado, Santa Fortuna, Sgail and Haven Island. I’m sure that it will be good fun and I know I’m acting too entitled, but from the limited screenshots we have it just seems…unoriginal.

Maybe there’ll be another map down the line as a nice contrast: From a private tropical map to a public snowy one! Its doubtful, though, as IO seem allergic to cold weather. If there was another map, after Rocky and the safehouse, they surely would have teased it today shrugs


may i ask why, because thats an opinion you dont hear often

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I feel like everyone should stop being so worried about the map - we only saw a few images and there are plenty of things about the location they might not have shared. After Hitman 3’s maps I think it’s safe to say they have perfected their level design and I put full faith in them to create another classic


The short and simplified answer is:

I love how both maps really excel in making different areas feel very distinct from each other but how they’re so well connected to each other.

The default targets are spread out which means all the map is utilised and feels like integral parts of the map. Unlike say Sapienza where everything is more concentrated, or Paris which has floors that see very little usage once you know good ways to bypass stuff.


i disagree on how well connected things are, especially in sf, but they do really excell at making each part of the map feel like a different area.

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Santa Fortuna is my second favourite map from HITMAN 2 and I’m used to defending my bad takes as someone that put Marrakesh as my favourite HITMAN 1 map.

I know I’m wrong.


Drooled when I saw the new map. Can’t wait!