Ambrose Island - Pre-release Discussion

I agree, SF is my favourite map in Hitman 2 :relaxed:


Something to wonder about in Rocky is how they’ll use the persistent shortcuts and camera on the map. Perhaps in the year since launch they’ll have come up with a more interesting implementation of those mechanics.


Agreed, Southeast Asia would be my main guess as well. And the Philippines in particular would be very cool! Could be just about anywhere in/nearby the region though. Heck, might be even a secret Khandanyang military facility :grin: (which I would love) Either way, hopefully it´s distinct enough and comes with a nice jungle infiltration suit.

I can understand any mixed feelings caused from the jungle/island combo though. I have them too. A snowy/winter map - or said version of an existing map - would certainly excite me more. Speaking of which, I´m a bit disappointed there was no mention of whether they plan on making any bonus missions (not counting Freelancer) on the existing ones… (cough, Chongqing, cough)


The persistent shortcuts really ended up being a bit of a non-feature. Some of them like the ladders in Berlin or the one by Zachary’s room in Dartmoor feel like if the “feature” hadn’t been created, they would have just been a normal ladder. The only one I have ever really used is the one in Mendoza near the shrine.

I’m with you - hopefully if they include these in the new map, they find a way to make better use of it.


I was going to post this in another topic, but since it’s specific to this…

The Jungle Island at Night mission makes me think either a Prison or Military Base. But we’ve had enough base-like levels. I’m not sure how a prison would be all that different if I think about it.

I know that it could be the new Colorado. :unamused: (derogatory)

But, on the other hand it could be the new Colorado ! :grinning: (affectionate)

I mean, an all hostile map is not in on itself a bad thing. It’s true that Colorado missed the mark. But if the Hitman team wants to have another try at the concept, I think we could have a good surprise.
If it is an all hostile map (it’s still a big if), they could have found a good angle for it. The same way Berlin was a good angle for some of Absolution’s concepts.

For the record the largest issue I have with Colorado is how flat it is.

Both in geography (you always end up using the same paths and ignore half of the map), in social (one hierarchy, the guards and the zones were too exclusive, not nested enough), and in opportunity (it’s always find the disguise for this one area, go to the area, eliminate the target in the area, go back to the general center if the map to redo the same for another target with no continuity between them).

From what we can see, at least the geography is leveled (bridge, beach), and I wonder if we could have multiple hierarchy (like we normally have staff/guards or scientific/guards). And the night time might aleviate some of the pressure/give us some more tranquil if dormant areas.

I once said that Colorado could have been great if the farm also had an abandonned ICBM silo running under it, with research staff that couldn’t be seen outside for security/discretion reason but with free reign in interiors, and multiple entry points scattered around.

And from what I can see, this could be what we have here. With the large antenna that we can see in some of the shots.

Besides the games and levels are more refined now in the way they allow the players to create a coherent and fluid narrative in their runs.

But, it’s true that we are overdue for some snow level. Maybe later, currently still unrevealed, as a way to bookend the game in Greenland.


I actually hope this map is a bit challenging. I think Hitman could use a real challenge map, something that is a bit unforgiving and doesn’t have many easy kill opportunities. But then obviously the issue is how much that can reduce replayability and creativity.

Think @LandirtHome hits it on the head really. Military base can work, you just need to avoid the pitfalls Colorado had.


I wonder if the new map will have an unique soundtrack, or if it will reuse The Final Test/Marrakesh like it was shown on the trailer.
Trailer gave me goosebumps and reminded me of my introduction to Hitman playing The Final Test


I’d prefer it if they recycled music so that they could allocate the money that would’ve gone on music to other things to make them better than if they produced new music. It’s not unheard of in the trilogy to have tracks shared across multiple locations, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they did it here too imo.

Plus they’ve got enough unused tracks from the trilogy that they could use and very few people would even notice that they aren’t brand new tracks.

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not really how it works when they have a dedicated in-house composer. if they had to make music using freelance composers, sure, but not in this case


I am certain original music is a given at this point. They will not repeat the Bangkok debacle again.


wait what happened with bangkok?

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This is the 1st time I’ve ever heard of it too… But it could be that Bangkok uses the same music as Paris. Not sure why that’d be a “debacle”, but if it makes people mad, then… :smirk: (enjoys Paris music)


Many people were extremely disapointed in 2016 to hear the same music as Paris in Bangkok. Since H2 they made sure to make original music for each new location.


ohh ok. well oddly enough, I think in that one instance the same soundtrack is excusable…I can’t really picture bangkok with anything else by this point. :thinking:

and in 2022, yeah, I can’t see them reusing music for Rocky either. maybe for like an NPC’s radio playing something, but not for the entire level


2016 reused music twice actually. Paris music in bangkok and colorado music in hokkaido


True! but Hokkaido had layers of japanese instruments overlapping in the resort area. It make a significant change in ambiance. As well we could say that the Final test and Morroco had the same music.


I think that soundtrack debacle was just a result of how poorly the episodic format was going. I think.
Not too much funds or crunch in terms of building the next level, when they got more stable with the Patient Zero DLC and their partnership with WB, we saw more varied tracks for each level, and each level since.

Or I could be entirely wrong about this, I’m just saying what my memory’s telling me.
They did reuse tracks for the 7DS content but honestly that provided enough different vibes without needing it to sound unique.


While I wasn’t put off by the reused music, I believe the episodic release of H2016 worked against IO in this case. Levels were coming out month apart from each other and even though it would make sense that they recorded all the games music together instead of as they went, the perception was that they had plenty of time to polish each level off and could have gotten new music for them.


Never even noticed this. After all these years. Crazy. But i just tested it and its true. Oddly enough, i instantly noticed the reused music in the h3 content.