An option to instant pick up on console

It would be cool if it was an option to insta pick up like pc as it quite annoying to hold or the inventory thing to pick up quick

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I don’t know, I am quite used to hold Triangle/Y button to pick them up. PC got its own advantage with more buttons on the keyboard, while tapping Triangle/Y has already been assigned to open/close doors and hide in crates.

Wouldn’t it be troublesome if the item you want to pick up is near a door/crate and every time you try picking it up ends up hiding in a closet or getting spotted by people next room? Or do you suggest assigning the pick up function to a different button?

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I wouldn’t mind either but custom controls would be cool

I’d rather changing it all up:
trigger an action / hiding in a cabinet is hold
open door / pick up item is press

It makes a lot of sense, by an action I mean turning off a generator or something like that.

And being honest, what do you usually do more?
Pick up an item or enter a cabinet?

PS: sick of wanting to open a door and accidentially entering a cabinet instead.

That’s actually a good switch I would love to see and to sender your question is I speedrun so crates and cabinets I never go into not even in casual play

Thanks, and true, only in a very casual play, entering a closet is worthy, otherwise not

And In casual play your not going for speed I think closets should be hold tho

Cabinets should absolutely be hold, sick of not picking up item cuz game is shit

Not only that I would like briefcase interactions instant to