Analyzing Every Mission from Hitman 3 - Writing on Games


loved his review, it really made me realize how far hitman has gotten and what a miracle it is that hitman 3 has even come out. And how good it is that hitman 3 is a succes story ioi deserved since 2016. it also made me realize how much inspiration hitman 3 maps take from mumbai. which is a good thing.


Does anyone know if there’s a way to get a written transcript of this?

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uhh kind of. if you look at the area with the Likes and Dislikes there’s a button with 3 dots → open transcript. there you go

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It’s a fantastic game and I’m so glad it blew critics away. 47’s future is looking very bright indeed.


I have just got and completed H3, done with the others a long time ago, was waiting for new console and stayed away from forums and all news.

I’ve been through all the maps once and I really enjoyed it. Solid Hitman game and maps.

I’m thinking the ones I really want to see more of right away are Berlin and Argentina, and to do Dartmoor in traditional Hitman style (I did the mystery which was fabulous).

Dubai seems the weakest of the 3 first maps in the trilogy for me if we count Hawkes bay and Basic Training as prologues (Paris > Miami > Dubai for me) but it was still a showcase map as they always are. I agree with him on the Romania level being weak but I see what they were going for.

Not sure what the general consensus was but Berlin was probably my favorite map. But I have a lot more playing to do.