Another problem thread - Bonus Missions missing

Just to draw a full picture, I add my 2 cents here as well:

My System: PS4 Pro

I own:
Hitman Definitive Collection (Disc) (still installed on PS4)
Hitman 2 uncut Edition (Disc) + Expansion Pass (PS-Store) (still installed on PS4)
Hitman 3 Standard Edition (Disc)

I have ordered Hitman 3 on the 29th of December at Amazon

After installing Hitman 3 today, I have recognized some missing items:
Trinity Pack (for pre-order)

3 Missions:
Paris – Holiday Hoarders
Hokkaido – Hokkaido Snow Festivall
Hawke´s Hay – The Mills Reverie

I had no time to play yet, but all missions, escalations etc. from H1 and H2 seems to be there.

I did not dare to to the progression transfer from H2 to H3 so far.

Hopefully there is solution, I have enjoyed theses bonus missions very much actually.

Unless im wrong I dont think these carried over to any platform, I didnt get them either although any rewards that I unlocked doing them did!
I havent seen any official comment about it yet.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

The disc box bought at amazon did not had any code for the trinity pack.
This I have to clarify I believe with IOI.
I hope they will provide that to me.
I can show my invoice and the IOI website did not mention it had to be ordered via their side to get it.
With past ore-orders via Amazon, that was never a problem so far, there always had been a code included.

Other than that, the mentioned 3 Missions and the stuff from the Requiem Pack are missing.
I hope they will fix that.

Everything else seems to be there.

After so many reported problems, I will wait with the progression transfer from Hitman 2.
I have still stuff in Hitman 2 to do, so no downtime for me.

Let‘s see.

I dont have access to any of those missions/escalation eather. Does anyone know why?

None of us have. These missions were used to be seasonal time-limited contents, so maybe they will release them that way in H3 as well. The dev team is looking into Requiem Pack issue, though. Some players have them, while most don’t.

I thought the trinity pack was only for pre order at participating retailer’s and (in your case) Playstation network store first until I found this:

The Trinity Pack pre-order bonus will be available for all editions, for all platforms. Basically, if you pre-order the game on disc or as a digital download, you’ll get the Trinity Pack.

Source: HITMAN 3 - Physical Editions Confirmed - IO Interactive

I believe this cited passage supports my point.
There is nothing written like „must be ordered directly at IOI store in order to get the Trinity Pack“
I have read exactly this passage and thought, Amazon is a good place to order.
As written, I did this before with other games, and then always a pre-order code was included.
Only this time, unfortunately nothing was inside.

Check with Amazon, as I understand it they should send you a code to redeem the Trinity pack.

I got an email the day of release from Amazon that had the code for the Trinity pack. Check your emails (spam folder as well just in case)

They say they have delivered what I have ordered.

Also the Halloween suit? That one disappeared for me.

Yes my tactical wetsuit which did carry over - now under tactical not themed.