Any dialogue you just found out about?

I’m really late to this. I just found out about the phone call Sean Rose has with Alma Reynard in the Colorado mission.

He talks about his dislike for Maya Parvati for sapping his authority and says that he might have to get rid of her. He says that Penelope Graves has potential but he wishes she could get past her pedestrian sense of morality.


Not just, but some time ago I found out that P-Powers in Santa Fortuna speaks over the phone to Dexy, I suppose, in the bar loo. But I still don’t know how I managed to trigger that, cuz he always hangs out near the bar and never goes anywhere else.
And I haven’t managed to repeat the situation since





There’s also some guards that talk about her (Alma) (and why she’s not leading the Colorado team) near the kitchen area near the greenhouse. That was wild when I first heard it a couple months ago.

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It blew my mind when I heard NPCs in The Final Test talking about Janus a few months back


I played Hitman 2016 for hundreds of hours and I just found this out right now. You can make Sean Rose meet up with Penelope Graves at the slurry pit.

This is what they say

Sean Rose: Well, well, Graves. Funny bumping into you here.

Penelope Graves: Rose? What are you…? Did you set this up?

Sean Rose: Let’s call it a test of allegiance. The boss is fond of this whole ‘enemies united’ thing and the chaos it brings with it. Me, I like to keep things in order.

Penelope Graves: So you set up this elaborate ruse to see if I’d rat you out. Of course. Interesting play, Rose. Only one problem.

Sean Rose: Really? What’s that?

Penelope Graves: Well, for two reasons. One, I’m not a rat. I’m here to change things. I believe the boss and this outfit is a way to achieve that goal. And two, we burned all traces of my travels here. Your girl, Hall made sure to remove any digital traces, so we covered all the physical tracks. I mean, there’s no way Interpol would be able to follow me here. I know how they work and quite frankly, losing me cost them their best analyst.

Sean Rose: Well played, Graves. Well played.

Penelope Graves: So we’re done with these games?

Sean Rose: For now, yes. You can return to your work. Go on. Lots to be done.

Penelope Graves: Aye-aye, sir.

Sorry if I made any typos. I’m really starting to love Colorado. As I play this mission more and more, I find the targets and the way they interact with each other so fascinating.


Isabella Caruso is also on the boat, talking shit about Silvio and what a weirdo he is.

It makes me wonder if the original agent blended in with the crowd with their handler recording everything, and if newer agents were given some of 47’s old missions to try and replicate.


I love how connected everything is and the dialogue is off the charts in these games, from story stuff to random conversations. I’ll have to find that later because I’ve never heard that before and maybe I’ll also remember the other dialogue I was going to post here and what mission I heard it in.


Colorado has indeed some interesting, story related dialogues. Like the one about Olivia and when she met Grey, or that Grey was actually in that tornado bunker when 47 was there (I always thought he was on that hill the whole time :sweat_smile:). And I like the dialogue the guards have about Maya Parvati at the barn.


I remembered! It’s a phone call Claus Hugo trandberg has with his daughter, who apparently is not a fan of his work.

This might be more well known than some these other ones here but I only heard it for the first a few weeks ago because Marrakesh and I didn’t really get along for years until I recently started to get a newfound appreciation for it

I remember in Colorado hearing the two guards near the water tower talking about a specific person who clearly is the elusive target “The Chameleon.” I forget exactly word for word, but I definitely remember they were referring to him. Gonna go check that out again soon actually.

There’s a woman in the embassy in Marrakesh talking to her friend over the phone. She’s freaking out because she’s worried she might get killed in the coup but her friend over the phone thinks she’s just trying to get out of a wedding. I can’t remember of the top of my head which of them is the bride and which is a bridesmaid but I thought was pretty funny when first heard it (yesterday); she just gets more and more exasperated while her apparent past as a bit of a drama queen seems to come back to haunt her.


Ken Morgan has a phone call with a ”Mr. West”, who had a bit too much to drink and hit someone with his car. Ken recommends for him to immediately call someone named “Corvo” to help him cover it up.

On top of that, Keith McKenzie, the guy who wants to be just like Ken Morgan when he grows up, very briefly talks to him a recent tax scandal at Haven.

IO plays the looooooong con here.


That’s easy. Just go into the bar as a mansion guard. Eventually P-Powers will see you and assume Rico is having you follow him so he quickly hides out in the bathroom to place the call.