Any Update on Stadia Transfer to other Platforms?

When Google announced that Stadia was shutting down, IO tweeted:

To all our HITMAN fans on Google Stadia. We hear you - we are looking into ways for you to continue your HITMAN experience on other platforms.

Other developers like Ubisoft and Rockstar announced progression transfers to PC in the days following Google’s announcement. An indie dev even gave free keys for their game to Stadia players. 2 months later, though, IO seemingly hasn’t said anything. It’s understandable since they’re preparing for the launch of Freelancer whilst still running a live-service game, but I’d still appreciate any news on the subject. Is there any time frame for expected news, or is it anybody’s guess?


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My best guess is that they’re waiting closer to stadias demise to release more info


Or the patch due at the end of January.


We’ve got a plan and it’s progressing well. Expect to hear more once we’ve got a full post written. As we so often do, we want to share the full details at once. Right now, we’re working on several different things, not least Freelancer, so I don’t have a concrete timeline for you. However, we do want to share it before the Stadia shutdown.


Thanks for the detailed response, glad to hear it’s being worked on!


Thank you so much! Looking forward to get more news before January 18th.


I also really hope that my pre-order bonus will transfer

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It would be cool if we could keep the stadia exclusive items. Although I only bought two of them and had the other through stadia pro, so I hope that counts too.