Anybody willing to translate?

I noticed that in the earlier games, the npcs spoke their native languages. I was playing Blood Money and I was wondering what the characters are saying in the Chile and France mission.

The only full sentence I understand is one of the female npcs in the outdoor area says “El es muy sexy”. I believe she’s talking about Rex Stanton. There’s a few words I know but I can’t understand the full sentence. “Vino mejor” means better or best wine. “Mi favorito…… culo.” My favorite ??? and culo is a curse word that means *ss. I have no idea what she is saying lol :joy: My Spanish is bad

There’s something the guards say to you in Spanish if you try to trespass or if you hold one as a human shield. Does anyone know what they’re saying?

For the Paris mission, all I can understand is some of the words the female npc says to the actors on the stage. She says “ s’il vous plait” which means please in French. She also says silence and applause.

There’s a guard who’s near the stage. If you try to trespass, he says excuse me. I can’t understand the rest of what he says.

By the way, this doesn’t just have to be for Blood Money :stuck_out_tongue: but for any of the Hitman games. Text or conversations


I don’t remember the exact words, but in Curtains Down two workers near the toilets are talking about a a hole they had made in the wall of the women’s bath or dressing room and that somebody plugged the hole.


The two workers by the toilets:
The toilets behind the stage are clogged. They need to go to other toilets. They are unhappy because the hole that has a view in the girl’s changing room is also clogged.

The executioner:
(Talking about the prop gun) It looks like a genuine one. Fortunately it’s not.

When D’Alvade is killed by swapping the fake gun with the real one:
Director: Mr D’Alvade is no longer moving?
Executioner: He’s lain in a weird manner.
Director: Mr D’Alvade… you can stand up now!
Executioner: He doesn’t move at all!
Director: Mr D’Alvade? Everything is all right?
Executioner: There is blood! NOOOOOO! I killed him!

During the tour: The guard is speaking about the architecture and the history of the theatre.


Thank you so much. I was always wondering xD


She is saying “My favorite was “Return to Motor City,” because he showed his ass!”
In the localization file of the level you can see all the dialogue written in English ‎:)

I can post some of it here if anyone would like.


Omg please :stuck_out_tongue: That would be so amazing. I’m so curious

Thank you for translating that lol I was wondering what that meant for so long

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It’s a little hard to tell what is what, because it’s all in English and file includes dialogue from other levels, but I’ll do my best.

A Vintage Year

(for the record I don’t remember what dialogue is in Spanish and what’s in English :stuck_out_tongue:)

Rex Stanton-Agent Convo:
“You know the deal, kid. Smile, play nice, drink a little vino, kiss the old bags and the fat housewives…” - Agent
“It’s nice to feel respected again.” - Rex
““What’d I tell ya, kid? We’ll have you back on the A-List in six months.”” - Agent
“Well, I guess I better start greeting my fans!” - Rex
“Mingle away, hot shot.” - Agent
“'Scuse me, kid, I gotta talk some business with the family.” - Agent

Manuel Delgado-Agent Convo:
“Manuel! We meet at last!” - Agent
“Welcome, my friend! Papa look so forward to meet you. First maybe you like to see some things?” - Manuel
“That’s what I’m here for, slick.” - Agent
“Follow me!” - Manuel
“So, what you think?” - Manuel
“I’m impressed. It’s really secure?”
“I tell you, amigo, we got the best police money can buy!” - Manuel
“You can do two K’s a month?” - Agent
“I’m sold. Let me see the old man and wrap this thing up, hey?” - Agent
‎‎‎"I go and tell Papa you here. Wait here and help yourself - my house is your ‎‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎
house, man…" - Fernando (IIRC he says this to Rex but idk)
“Senor Truman has arrived, papa. I’ll have someone bring him up if you’re ready.” - Manuel, to Delgado, in reference to the Agent
“Good boy, Manolo. Send him up.” - Delgado

Agent-Fernando Convo:
“It’s a good operation, pops.” - Agent
“I am glad you approve.” - Fernando
“Manny says you got the law on your side?” - Agent
“Many of our friends wear badges.” - Fernando
“You can do two K’s a month?” - Agent
“This is not a problem.” - Fernando
“And if I need more?” - Agent
“Then we send more.” - Fernando
“You can handle that?” - Agent
“Do not insult me.” - Fernando
“You are one icy son-of-a-bitch, pops. I like it.” - Agent
“I would like to watch wild dogs devour your testicles.” - Fernando
“What’s that, some kinda ancient Chilean proverb?” - Agent
“Something like that, yes.” - Fernando

Manuel Delgado’s Dialogue:
“Damn tourists give me a headache.” (idle)
“Ah, Manolo, what have you sold us into?”
“It’s not like the old days. Not at all.”
“Publicity. Bah! What do we need with publicity?”
“Shut up, mutt.”

Elite Soldier’s Idle Dialogue:
“I don’t like all these civilians milling around.”
“Stupid of Manuel to plan a publicity stunt so close to the lab.”
“Señor Delgado see you now.”
“Shut up, dog.”

ALL Female Civilian Dialogue:
“The casks are so big!” (on tour)
“I love the smell of sherry.”
“This wine is like the life blood of our town!”
“He’s so sexy!” (idle)
“He looks even better in person than he does on television!”
“My favorite was “Return to Motor City,” because he showed his ass!”
“He deserves a better wine.”
“What will he do when I tell him I’m wearing no panties?”

Local Soldier Idle Dialogue:
“Fernando and Manuel know how to throw a good party!”
“He said we could take the leftovers home. I haven’t had lobster in years!”
“I have to get Rex Stanton’s autograph or my wife will kill me.”
“Hey, pooch, simmer down.”

ALL Male Civilian Dialogue:
“Very interesting.” (on tour)
“It’s a good smell.”
“Fernando Delgado is a wonderful man!”
“I can’t believe the star of Cleveland Nights has come to our little town!” (idle)
“He looks bigger on television.”
“The missus tells me she wants to run away with him. I told her, “Don’t let me stop you!””
“I thought all these Hollywood heroes were a little swishy, but he’s a real man!”
“He hasn’t done anything good since Motor City Massacre.”
“This isn’t very good wine.”

Movie Star Rex Stanton Dialogue:
“It’s just such an honor to have my name on this fine wine!” (mingling)
“Everyone’s been so hospitable, you’re just the nicest folks I ever met.”
“You’re just too kind, thank you.”
“No, nothing new on tap just now, you know… sometimes you gotta wait for the right role. I’m a patient man.”
“It’s such a beautiful country, and you’re all so kind.”

Tour Guide:
“I hope you are all enjoying Fernando Delgado’s generous and lovely offering of food and wine! Those of you who are interested may now follow me for a tour of the wine cellar.”
“These casks are custom-made in northern France.”
“Can you smell the oak?”
“Delgado and Son is Chile’s third largest exporter of Merlot.”
“This is the sixth-largest wine cellar in Chile.”
“Some of the wood has been treated with sherry.”

TV Crew:
“I want a nice establishing shot of the hacienda panning into the reception.”
“Wait a few minutes for the sun to move and we’ll have a beautiful shot.”
“Let’s get some nice B-Roll of all the ladies flocking around Stanton.”
“We ought to have better light in about ten minutes.”

Civilian-to-Guard convo:
“Sorry, my friend, private area.” - Guard
“But my wife just went in there!” - Civ
“No women have gone by me, sir. She probably just went for the wine cellar tour over there.” - Guard
“Oh. Thanks.” - Civ

That’s all I managed to pick up, I’ll get Curtains Down later ‎:)


Omg thank you :blush: I didn’t know there was that much dialogue in a Vintage Year. I haven’t heard a lot of these :stuck_out_tongue:

“I would like to watch wild dogs devour your testicles.” - Fernando :flushed:

I tried trespassing and a guard said something. My translation could be wrong but I believe he said

“¡Oye! No tienes que será aquí.”

Hey! You don’t have to be here!


I completely forgot about this :sweat_smile:

Curtains Down

Bodyguard Dialogue:

Convo 1: (I can’t really tell if this is a two or three-person conversation)
“Can’t wait to get back to Italy.” - Bodyguard A
“Paris is a sewer.” - Bodyguard B
“Expensive sewer.” - Bodyguard B/Bodyguard C?
Convo 2:
“Been awfully twitchy lately, don’t you think?” - Bodyguard A
“He was born twitchy.” - Bodyguard B
“Don’t know what he’s afraid of here.” - Bodyguard A?
Other Bodyguard Dialogue:
“Getting tired of this damn opera house.”
“Wouldn’t mind getting out of this opera house once in a while.”
“Step back.” (to 47)
“Back off.”
“I said back the fuck off!”
“Back off right now, mofo!”

Staff Dialogue:

Carpenter-Worker Convo:
“Toilet backstage is all backed up–gotta go all the way out to the lobby!” - Carpenter
“Yeah, that backstage toilet’s always screwed up.” - Worker
“And someone patched the peephole into the ladies dressing room!” - Carpenter
“It’s just one of those days…” - Worker
Choreographer-Assistant Convo:
“I need more from this scene. More nervous energy.” - Choreographer
“The only energy problem is D’Alvade.” - Assistant
“Was he up all night again?” - Choreographer
“Every night this week. Him and that Ambassador guy… they’ve got something going on.” - Assistant
Choreographer-Assistant Convo 2:
“Is Mr. D’Alvade being a little more prickly than usual?” - Choreographer
“I don’t know what crawled up his butt and died.” - Assistant
“He better turn that attitude around or we’re never gonna get through this thing.” - Choreographer
Choreographer-Assistant Convo 3:
“I don’t care what he did twenty years ago, D’Alvade is the most obnoxious performer I ever worked with.”
“Definitely a has-been.” - Assistant
“A never-was, if you ask me. But his Ambassador friend’s been playing some kind of politics and I can’t even fire the bastard.” - Choreographer
Choreographer-Assistant Convo 4:
“Mr. D’Alvade’s not moving.” - Choreographer
“He’s lying kind of weird” - Assistant
“Scene, Mr. D’Alvade. You can get up now.” - Choreographer
“He’s not moving.” - Assistant
“Mr. D’Alvade! Are you all right?” - Choreographer
“There’s blood!” - Assistant
“He’s dead! He’s dead!” - Assistant
“Alvaro! Call 911?” - Assistant
“Oh my god! He’s dead!” - Assistant
Other Staff Dialogues:
“Never a dull moment here!” - Carpenter
“Can’t drink like I used to… got a bladder the size of a pea!”
“Hm… feels heavy…” (referring to a toolbox)
“Didn’t feel so heavy a minute ago…”
“Where’d my toolbox go?”
“Now, what’d I do with my toolbox?”
“Where is that thing?”
“I don’t like that old chandelier. One of these days it will fall and kill someone!”
“At last we have the perfect lighting!”
“The lights are all working perfectly now!”
“Lousy prewar wiring…”
“What we really need is an electrical upgrade!”
“What the hell is wrong with this light?”
“I don’t understand the problem with this stupid light.”
“Are we ready, people?” (to Actors)
“Places, people, places…”
“One more time, people–places!”
“Very good, let’s take five.”
“Good enough, take five, people.”
“Everyone take five and we’ll run it again.”
“Please, sir?!” (to 47)
“Excuse me, sir, I hope our opera rehearsal isn’t interfering with your need to run about noisily?”
“You! I need the silence complete!”
“Silence!” (general dialogue, doesn’t seem to be specifically directed at 47)
“Quiet in the house!”
“Huh? What’s goin’ on?” (alarmed by dead singer)
“What the hell’s goin’ on up there?”
“Hey, hey, hey!–everyone okay?”
“He’s dead? Dead?!”
“How the holy hell did that happen?”
“What in hell is goin’ on here?”
“Sorry, sir, we’ll have to search you before you can go in.”
“Step over here, please, sir. Just a routine search.”
“Can’t let you in with that, sir.”
“They got no appreciation for opera these days, none.”
“Philistine bastards. Wouldn’t know culture if it kicked 'em in the ass.”
“Time was, people knew how to dress for the opera. Even rehearsal.”
“Lousy kids with their goddamn rap music…”
“Tourists runnin’ around like cockroaches… where’s the respect?”
“Christ almighty, it’s an opera house, not a gym!”
“No respect at all.”
“Forgive them, Giacomo, they know not what they do…”
“Back away sir, you have no business here.”
“Step away from the door, or I will have to take action!”
“Backup! Backup! were going to have this guy down!”
“That guy runs to the toilet on every break. What girlie bowels, hahaha!”
“I hope my next job’s at a cemetery–I could use the silence!”
“Gah, my head is splitting!”
“I hate opera.”
“Gotta be getting close to lunch time…”
“Bad enough listenin’ to the wife all night; now I gotta listen to this all day?”
“Who the hell invented opera and what was he thinkin’?”
“That Alvaro ain’t the most masculine guy, is he?”
Tour Guide:
“Where on earth did I leave it?”
“This room, she was renovated after the fire in 1744.”
“The acoustics, they are superb. It have been design by the so celebrating architect Henri Rouchefauld Lavache.”
“Here you stand in history, the history couturelle of La Belle France!”
“The details you see, they are the finest artists, that have made him.”
“Here is beauty like you are not seeing! Are your eyes surprised! Yes, they react!”
“Excusez-moi, I must to step away one moment.”
“Allo, sir, bienvenue, come and follow with us and see the many beauty of the opera!”
“Bienvenue, monsieur, join us, please, and follow close while we does our walk!” (to guard)
“It feels so real… thank God it’s not!” (referring to the pistol)
“Good thing it’s just a prop… it’d blow him to pieces!”
“Nooo! I killed him!”
“He’s dead, oh my god, oh my god, I killed him!”
“No, no, no, no… he can’t be dead, I couldn’t have…!”

Delahunt’s Dialogue:
“No! Nooo! My darling, my–friend–no! Move, move, out of my way!” (alarmed by dead signer)
“No! No! You’re not dead, you can’t be dead! Who did this?!”
“ravo, my dove, bravissimo!”
“Bravo!.. Bravo!..”
“Magnificent! Exquisite!”
“Ah! The timing, the precision, the execution! Bravo!”

Opera Actor (D’Alvade’s?) Dialogue:
“I’m ready!”
“I’m good to go!”
“All set!”
“I’m standing on the shoulders of pygmies!”
“I’m surrounded by mediocrity.”
“Is there no one here who understands opera?”
“I specifically requested sparkling water.”
“The caramels they supplied had nuts in them. Nuts!”
“The lighting is inorganic and the smell of mildew is going to make me vomit. Thank God we’re only rehearsing here!”
“Dilettante! A monkey could do better!”
“Are you feeble minded? Are you some kind of old woman?”
“You have mud in your voice and sand in your skull… Idiot! Dilettante!”
“You pathetic dilettante! You brainless, no-talent hack! I cannot work with this!”
“I’m ready to resume.”
“Shall we run it again?”
“Can we get back to work?”
“Another run through?”
“Keep your distance, peasant.” (to 47)
“Don’t crowd me!”
“Get away from me, you miserable peasant.”

Tourist Dialogue:
“Why am I here?”
“Wasn’t the Louvre bad enough?”
“If this tour goes on much longer, just shoot me.”
“If my husband says one more stupid thing, God help me, I’ll poke his eyes out.”
“I haven’t been this bored since… ever.”
“This is the last tour I take without complimentary wine.”
“Any more culture and I swear to God I’ll vomit.”
“Won’t this tour ever end?”
“Kinda 'minds me a Nashville.”
“I read a whole book 'bout Puccini once.”
“Does the king still come once in a while?”
“Y’know, back in the states, we don’t believe in royalty.”
“We don’t go for all this fancy stuff back home: our opera houses are just places they do opera.”
“We just can’t get culture like this back home. Henry Jordan’s gonna crap his pants when I tell him what we seen.”
“Is that a real opera they’re rehearsin’, or this just some kinda warmup?”
“Y’know, not all opera singers are big fat broads in horned helmets!”
“First he won’t shut up, now he won’t talk. Go figure.” (referring to 47 as the tour guide?)
“Worst tour guide ever.”
“Cat got your tongue, Monsieur Le Tour Guide?”
“This tour makes no sense. This country makes no sense.”
“Are we supposed to stop following him?”

I didn’t include situational dialogue (like alarmed guard barks and such) as it’s all typed in English so I don’t know what’s worth posting.


Yeah, not many people know but you can take the tour guide’s place and lead the group around. It doesn’t accomplish much.


Thank you so much :blush: This is awesome :stuck_out_tongue: It makes me appreciate the level a lot more that there’s so much interesting dialogue

I was playing A Vintage Year and I heard some situational dialogue. Not sure if this is correct but I believe this is what I heard

¡Corre por tu vida!

Run for your life!

¿Que pasa?

What’s going on?

¿Es muerto? Ah, Dios.

Is he dead? Ah, God.

¿Estás bien, amigo?

Are you okay, friend?


Sorry to bump :stuck_out_tongue: But I was playing Miami and I was wondering does anyone know what that female journalist who’s speaking Spanish is saying? I don’t think it’s related to the story but I am so curious. I can make out certain words that she’s saying but my Spanish is really bad

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I am not sure if my translation is correct but I believe this is what she is saying.

“Yes, it’s me. They gave me five minutes with Sierra. Yes, yes. That’s what they said. I did what you asked me. I told them that if they mess up again, I’m backing out from the interview and that surprised them. I can’t ask that. That… that’s a very personal question, I mean that’s private! No, no, no, no. I don’t agree with that. I really don’t. See, you would never ask that to a man. What’s your problem!? Yes, yes, I’ll call you when they green light me. Okay. Bye. Well, listen to this, I talked with one of Moses Lee’s men last night and he told me they are considering moving a large part of the business to Mexico. I’m not kidding! They’re making a huge investment. I know. It would seem that whatever happens in this race, they are going to transfer Kowoon Heavy Industries to Robert Knox. This could’ve been the plan from the beginning. No, no. I don’t have any statements. Not right now at least. I mean who would be crazy enough to state something like this in public? It’s explosive. The investors have to be informed. Yes. Anyway, I’m on the case. I’ll keep you posted. Yes, yes. In the next thirty minutes. Okay. We’ll talk later.”


Hello :slight_smile: In the Paris level in Blood Money, there is a guy working on a door (painting or nailing it, I can’t remember) and on the radio, the newsreader is announcing the death of the American vice president. Lore-wise, they died in a mysterious car accident.

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