Anyone "Estate Wine" challenge in Mendoza not working?

Is anyone’s challenge for estate wines in Mendoza where you have to collect the, Pinot Wine, Malbec Wine, and Cabernet Sauvignon not working? :confused:

I have the same problem. For me it started to count the wines showing the progression while you took them. It stopped at 2 and from there nothing despite I had all 3 bottles and a lot of them each.

Another one is in Dartmoor. It won’t unlock the challenge Another death in the family for some reason. I did everything right (wait till the targets drinks the whiskey at the family meeting).


Mine wasn’t picking up Cabernet for some reason when trying yesterday. To be fair it’s not hard to get all 3 if you start in the tasting room, so I’m going to try restarting the level until it triggers right

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I think the problem is when you start off the mission for your very first time and you don’t do the challenge it’s bugged for you. But the dartmoor thing is weird. Luckily I didn’t encounter the problem.

Actually for that one in Dartmoor you have to help Emma kill Alexa.

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I saw on youtube differently. How do you make that happen? I know she carries around a flask of poison with her.

You need to blame the butler, then repair the thing in the greenhouse and wait. Emma will go to the greenhouse eventually and poison Alexa’s drink on her room.

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You sure? I will try this tomorrow. Hope it works.
So I need the detective clothes and got to talk with the butler first? After finding all the clues.

That’s how it worked for me. You have to wait a bit though, maybe 5 to 10 minutes after doing all the steps.

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PC version here. I had the problem but you can fix it. All what you have to do is to erase all the save and setting files. This work around works on PC but i saw people claiming that it works on console too.

On PC it’s easy, search %appdata% and you will be redirect to Appdata/Roaming.

Then go to: IO Interactive/Epic. Here you will find a folder with a bunch of letters and numbers, you can’t miss it. That is your Epic ID. Inside you another folder named where it stores all your game and system saves.

So: Appdata/Roaming/IO Interactive/Epic/YOUR EPIC ID FOLDER/HITMAN 3/Folders of quicksaves, manual etc.

Useless to say that you don’t lose your progress, you will lose only system settings and game saves.

On consoles is more easy, just erase all your files from the console system.

Open HITMAN 3 and you will be able to complete the challenge.

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Hey it worked! Thank you very much :hugs: