Anyone know where this weapon damage table comes from?

Is there a full table of all weapons?


A Hitman nerd? Technically I’m right. :joy:

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The repository file.

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If I remember correctly this chart was originally posted by @muddye on the old HMF. Maybe they can help?


Yeah, I made the old damage chart, I only made ones for pistols and snipers since they were they only ones I felt were actually worth talking about, it’s actually a lot harder than you’d think tracking down all the stats, especially when modifiers are involved.


Also most of the differences for ARs and SMGs seem to be less in damage and more in recoil and accuracy, stats that I still can’t understand or explain in the repository, being a lot of different variables, some just misleading since they’re actually for pointshooting when that was still a thing.

If I made a chart for them, I’m not sure I’d actually be able to explain anything on the chart, which is part of the reason why I made the original sniper chart in the first place, since people were spreading misinformation about the sieger variants.

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