Anyone knows which cutscene this qoute from

“He’s like a shadow, a whisper, a memory. He’s everywhere and nowhere. He’s the guy you don’t see. The man standing next to you on the bus, the woman crossing the street, the child on the swings. He’s the tick of the clock, the creak of the floorboard, the snap of the twig. And when you feel his breath on the back of your neck, that’s when you know, he’s already there.”

i was watching almost all cutscene from hitman 1,2,3 for days to find out where this quote from. i used chat GPT to find the complete version of this quote i loved this quote so much. if anyone knows where is from it will be great help for me, Thanks


Sounds like Blood Money trailer


how could 47 become the woman crossing the street or the child on the swings


Are you familiar with idioms


I’m not sure “woman crossing the street” or “child on the swings” count as idioms, do they? In both cases, the phrases are being used literally to refer to the concepts being described (i.e. woman crossing street, child on swing). It’s only in the context of 47 being compared to these things that they become figurative. So I think it would be more accurate to refer to them as metaphors rather than idioms.

I also think it’s fair to point out a degree of disonnance in their usage here, even if we accept the language is metaphorical. I think the confusion is caused by this line:

He’s the guy you don’t see. The man standing next to you on the bus

47 could literally be “the guy you don’t see” or the “man on the bus”. Yet these statements can also be read as metaphors. You might literally see 47 in plain sight without realising because he blends into his surroundings, so it’s like you don’t see him. Conversely, 47 might not literally be the man on the bus, yet his reputation makes you feel like he could be.

If someone misreads these metaphors as literal statements (which is easily done), then it’s understandable that the following line would seem so jarring.

the woman crossing the street, the child on the swings

This certainly conjours up some very strange images. I’m reminded of this animation (from 0:42)…

The language is clearly being used to imply that 47 is everywhere, hiding in plain sight etc. Nonetheless they still seem like odd metaphors to use. If anything, they serve only to highlight 47’s shortcomings by drawing to our attention the fact that he could not, for instance, literally disguise himself as a child. As such, I think it’s pretty sloppy writing.

I’m not familiar with the quotation myself and can’t find it anywhere else online. I notice OP said they “used chat GPT to find the complete version”. I wonder what exactly that entails and whether, in fact, ChatGPT has cobbled together various phrases to fabricate this quotation. That may explain the sloppiness.


The bus part reminds me of a quote said by the kidnapped Herald in Colorado when asked by Berg what does Constant look like.

Like a bookkeeper. Like the guy you sit next to on the bus. Plain as vanilla and that’s the idea. You’ll never find him, but he will find you.

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Thanks, i think it is the right quote, can you sent me a YouTube link to that cut scene I don’t know which cut scene is that…

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It isn’t part of a cutscene, but in-level dialogue. Here is a video with the line. The full conversation starts at 8:40.

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The second image is so incredibly cursed, I’ll probably see it in my dreams tonight.

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“Vroom vroom vroom, ding ding ding.”