Archery in Hitman 3

Hello everyone, I’m Iran. I originally had made this topic in the old forum, anyway. I was thinking if it will be a cool Idea to add types of bows & arrows to H3 (edit: and other ancient weapons like spears, darts, blow darts, etc). What do you think?


Maybe in Colombia, but they wouldn’t really make sense in any other level. And also be super difficult to conceal.

More so than 12 gold bars?

I say bring on the blow darts, but add a hallucinogen like in Absolution. I want to see Edwards pirouetting off his office balcony on Sgail goddmit!



20 bolts


Great idea, it just needs to be localized.

Iran from Iran or just Iran?

With a grappling hook so you can climb across himmapan and suit only it, lol.

You laugh, but a grappling hook is highly sought after if you ask me! Would be a nice way to mark IOIs next adventure with 007!

An average bow would be too mechanically different than the rest of the weapons, it’s not going to happen, I could see some kind of crossbow like the one from H2:SA being added.

Blow-gun is also definitely possible. I don’t really think these are gonna happen though sadly.


I-ran so you could walk.

Other than drawback delay I’m not sure what more they’d have to add. Kalmer/Sieker already have ammo that drops (like an arrow would, but not as quickly)

I love archery in games so despite it having no benefits I’d love it in H3 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Well you’d probably expect that you’d have to hold a button for actually pulling the string back, which I can’t see fitting the game, unless it is automatic, but that would be weird to aim with/maybe glitchy.

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No, jokes aside Iran is a female name in Iran. Pretty weird though.

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They could add a modern xbow as a sniper rifle, it’d be mostly a graphical alteration, add in subsonic and piecing or something and the animation of a bolt sticking out of people. Maybe add a max range too.
Or make it a smaller one hander that you can hide, function like the krugermeier does.

Still, it’s not going to happen as it doesn’t fit with his current MO and weapon preference so far (like fish, lol).

I am male and my real name is Kamran and I’m Iranian

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Oh, good to hear that. Where’s Hooman then? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that a compound or regular hunting bow needs to make sense in any way. For example the Shashka makes absolutely no sense for planning but was a goodie to receive. Why not also a sports-/ hunting-/ compound bow? Would be funny to use I guess. But only with refusable arrows.

Knowing IOI, if they did add it, it would probably be like the seiker or the kalmer and 47 would only be able to cram 2-3 arrows down his pants legs. :laughing:


But what about a small arrow quiver and a foldable hunting bow in a foldable suitcase? Would look pretty similar to a sniper. Only not sure where he should wear the quiver

I remember seeing a fan-made art about a crossbow!
It would be really unique and surely fun to use :smile: