Are all the games connected?

Is the WoA trilogy connected to all past games? Hitman C47, Hitman SA, Contracts, Blood Money and Absolution? I know it’s at least connected to C47 as there’s constant nods and mentions to it through the trilogy.

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Yes it’s a continuation of the hole franchise, it’s not a reboot. The Legacy trailer beautifully connects the hole series with past targets up until this trilogy.


I thought so, thank you!! So the WoA trilogy I guess is set like a decade or more after C47 and just a few years after Absolution. As far as the story goes, Absolution was a fine game, it was just the bad gameplay.

H16 takes place in 2019, 20 years after 47 escape from the Asylum in 1999. So two decades after the start of C47.


Yes! They did make 47 “timeless” now though. So he’s like James Bond or Batman. He will just always be in his 40s or somewhere around there.

And the H2016 prologue begins in 1999… okay

Diana says killing Blake Dexter happened in an alternate universe so I guess the answer is “yes, but loosely”

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Unless Diana is some sort of omnipotent being who can see into paralell universes, I think she was just being sarcastic to Vidal.

Blake Dexter was still killed by 47, but Diana is so embarrassed about the whole Absolution shitshow she’s pretending it didn’t exist and, by extension, fans can as well. It works both ways!


yeah, i think it’s a semi fourth-wall breaking moment.

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Woah that’s cool, when does she say that?

Do you doubt her powers, foolish mortal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow her and Vidal around and Vidal will start trying to guess which assassins are her’s and 47’s. She’s pretty accurate too but this is the only one that I know of where Absolution gets mentioned.

She knows his exploits, not necessarily his face.

im pretty sure blood money and absolution are canon

Are you saying that Vidal should have known that 47 would never leave Diana? Because I’m not entirely sure that would be apparent from their files, especially since the ICA seems to think they have him pegged as antisocial and apathetic. You’d have to see them interact and well, Grey and Olivia aren’t talking and Diana never gets her meetings caught on camera :wink:

A single data point in a thick file point isn’t much to go on without context. That’s why you need to keep running into them as Tobias Rieper before it clicks in her brain - holy shit he’s here.