Are certain escalations real events in the hitman universe

So this sounds complicated at first but I’ll try my best to explain but during hitman the events of the Dartmoor Garden Show take place and is said to have actually have happened. This is proven by Alexa’s grave and Gulshan’s garden reminding Cornelia about her father who we killed in Dubai. To me this seems as if 47 actually went to this contract and killed the targets assigned meaning Sebastian, Lucy, Cornelia and the four constants fall as victims to 47.

Does this mean that the following targets are also real events that happened and they all became victims to 47 too?

The White Rabbit (Berlin Egg Hunt)
The Red, Yellow and Pink Rabbits (BEH)
Lee Hong (The Lee Hong Derivation)
The Blue Lotus (The Lee Hong Derivation)
The Red Dragon (The Lee Hong Derivation)
Mogwai Tzun (The Lee Hong Derivation)
Thea Kelly (The Proloff Parable)

It’s different for targets such as

The Rival Assassin (The Envy Contention)
The seven returning NPC’s in Mendoza (The Evny Contention)
The Admirers (The Lust Assignation)

As these were hallucinations in 47’s head between Mendoza and the Carpathian Mountains

I mean, apart from the Dartmoor Garden Show, I’m pretty sure none of them are canon. The whole point of escalations as IOI stated back in 2016, was just to have a bit of fun with the maps without any story or logical constraint. The same can be said for Contracts Mode.