Are older posts and threads archived anywhere?

It looks like the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin category only has threads going back 2 or 3 years ago. I remember I used to read this site all the time back in high school around 2011, and there were lots of discussions about Hitman 2 on here. What happened to all these older posts going back a decade? Are they archived somewhere where they can be read?

We had to rebuild the System around that time. You can find the old posts here, but you can’t browse topics from a specific category I think.


Thank you, it seems to be missing a lot of posts unfortunately. I went to snapshot of the site from 2012 on the wayback machine and wow, there were almost 5000 posts just for Hitman 2: SA in 2012, and tons of posts with dozens of replies. So much content in there but unfortunately the search function doesn’t work within the wayback machine version of the site. It’s kind of tragic that this is all lost, there was so much interesting discussion!

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I’m sure that site only has archives of posts from 2014 onward, after transitioning to Discourse.

Yes I would assume the same. I was not around back then to know what ampburner(?) did with the old forum.

We unfortunately lost all the original discourse about Hitman 2 twice. And since then we’ve lost all the posts from the Blood Money era etc. Managing backups is trickier than it looks and the problem with being a twenty year old forum is forum software has changed a lot in that time.


Ampburner kept the original IPB site as read-only for a while when we first switched to Discourse. Sadly, it couldn’t be hosted forever.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, is still running.


I believe you mean discourse :DDD

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Not the forum unfortunately :frowning: