Are Suspects too quick to flee?

Hey. I just failed a showdown mission because I got into a fight with a couple of guards inside a secluded area in Dubai. No more than two seconds later, all the suspects began fleeing, despite it seeming very unlikely that they’d have noticed anything that fast. It seems like they go into fleeing mode the very instant you’re discovered doing something you shouldn’t, and I’m wondering if showdowns wouldn’t be better if they allowed for just a slight bit of leeway here.

Furthermore, it seems like the suspects have a bit of a telepathic link with each other. Every target across the level, including the ones several floors above/below the commotion started running immediately. Maybe if they reacted more like regular npc’s, only going into panic mode if something happens adjacent to them, that would be better and more fair? IDK. I’m just tired of failing these missions when the slightest mistake is made, because the rest of freelancer is generally pretty good with letting you make a few mistakes here and there.


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