Are the hitman 3 servers gonna shutdown eventually?

hitman players on steam have been saying that IO interactive will shutdown the hitman 3 servers eventually is this true? this causes me great concern because i bought and i play this game. i like unlocking things in the game. i dont wanna play offline and not be able to unlock anything.
people on steam have said, IO shutoff the servers on hitman absolution.

At some point far into the future, yeah. I doubt they’d still be running in the year 2085.

The Absolution contract servers is a bit different as it wasn’t really a choice that they made, but was forced upon them. They needed to be GDPR-compliant, but they weren’t the ones running the servers because they were run by Square Enix. It was just easier to pull the plug instead of creating brand new servers run by IO for an old game.


I’ll tell you more - the whole life, the whole Sun, the whole Earth etc will shutdown itself eventually.
So yes, the answer is yes, it’s true.
When it will happen? 5-10-20 years from now, nobody knows.
Even IOI doesn’t know when it will happen. They talked about particularly this subject in one of streams couple years ago.
But there is nothing permanent in the universe


The cost of maintaining servers goes down every year, and more and more video games are being run through cloud computing platforms.

Eventually IOI will have forgotten about the old Hitman server, and whether they were still paying to maintain it or not, and no one will care enough if it is still up and running or not, as the last remaining addict of the Hitman Trilogy logging into the Hitman server will have past away.

Earth will have been taken over by the Planet of the Apes by then, and the Apes don’t like to play video games with only one controller.

Apes have hands and feet both with opposable thumbs (i.e. the big toe is opposable in apes) to run more than one video game controller at once…


Change is the only constant.

Other than Arthur Edwards of course. Or is it Diana now?


i was only asking a question. i dont know why some people are being sarcastic.


I think probably is pretty high that the game gets patched to work 100% offline eventually.

If they want someone who buys it in 10 years to be able to unlock stuff then at least the challenges will have to pop offline for unlocks. Since we all have most the items we want it wouldn’t matter for us, but I could see a very upset post on HMF sometime down the road if it stays always online to unlock stuff and serves go down :joy:


Mainly because “forever” is a long time and therefore your question was a nice setup for sarcasm.

To answer in a realistic way: They will be shut down 100%, question is only when. BUT this might happen in a way that the game get’s patched to be palyable offline before that, so the game might stay playable with a few exceptions like the contracts network.


The servers will not be up forever. People are concerned that the shutdown will brick the game down to the offline mode we have currently which is not that good.

IO addressed that concern a few months ago with “We don’t plan to do that”. It is up to each one if that is a satisfying answer.
It means though they indeed want to keep it running as far as their analysts can look into the future, but there can be external events that bring the day to us sooner. Like a huge database collapse, economical factors or a new legal requirement they can’t align the existing database to. Which is by the way likely the reason the Absolution servers went down, as the user content was probably not GDPR compliant.

I want to note we had the always-online discussions many lengthy times already. So if anyone here plans to start doing general statements about this matter, please be sure first you bring new arguments on the table and limit it to constructive feedback. Way too often the threads ended up to be locked away because people could not discuss this in a civil manner. :frowning:


Guarantee the Hitman servers will shut down before our sun. :joy:

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They will shut down, yes. Everything will. The world, you, me. Everything.

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Even Doom? Because they said, and I quote: “Doom is Eternal” :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If everyone disappeared, who would be left to verify that Doom remained!? These are the questions that keep me up at night…

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I should think so…yes.

as long as human life is present, the hitman 3 servers will stay running forever.

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the servers will continue to keep running.

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That is a fascinating double post


Would be awesome if/when they do turn the servers off eventually that something like the featured contracts are saved into the games DLL’s. I like the curation that IOI has done and would be a shame if that content was lost.


Don’t worry, they ain’t shutting down anytime soon that’s for sure.

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