Are the mission stories too strict? (spoilers)

on my first few play-throughs, i don’t use guidance. it’s not because i’m some elitist badass; discovering the assassinations is half the fun for me.

however, on at least three occasions, i’ve ended up on the path to completing a prescribed mission story but not had it pop.

when i take a look at why after the mission, i seem to have missed some arbitrary stage of the process or not completed it in precisely the right way.


in mendoza, i found the tour. the moment i gave the grapes to the chief winemaker the mission failed. first it was because i wasn’t in the right disguise (i left the grapes on the table), then it was because diana and company had left.

also in mendoza, when i found the earpiece for the sniper assassination, i couldn’t use it. i found out i had to wear a gaucho costume the entire time for… whatever reason. why can’t i do this in my tuxedo…?

in dartmoor, i worked out who the killer was, presented the evidence and… didn’t tick the mission story because i missed a single clue.

i feel like there needs to be some leeway here. if you manage to complete the mission story - get the required outcome - but skip a stage here or there, it should still be considered complete.

if not, it effectively means the player is required to have some level of mission guidance on to complete them ‘properly’, which i’m not really a fan of at all.

you should be able to complete them without needing guidance, surely?

what do you lot think…?

are the mission stories too strict?
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  • no

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Yeah, really wasn’t a fan of how this one played out. I absolutely love the concept of the Mission Story, but the requirement to be wearing the Gaucho disguise throughout is crazy bad and detracts from an amazing kill. You should be able to do this Suit Only if you can get to the earpiece, mark the watermelon as a test shot and then scan Vidal’s picture, IMO - shouldn’t matter what disguise you are wearing when you give the order.


i wholeheartedly agree. it’s a baffling decision. it’s not like they need to see you, is it? :joy:

maybe i missed something, but i couldn’t find any indication that the uniform was required. after running around trying to work out what was wrong, i had to turn on the mission guidance to find that out. that’s… not great. plus, i had to do my first tango in a bloody guard uniform :weary:

i’m adamant that mission guidance should be optional. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Snap, I did exactly the same thing! I love to play with Mission Story guidance turned off, and I never would have guessed what I was doing wrong if I didn’t switch the guidance to Full, and in this case I really don’t think that’s me being dumb, it’s the Mission Story being really picky for no good reason at all!


it just needs to be more flexible or have less prescribed stages (depending on the mission).

was this the case in previous games? i genuinely can’t remember :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

gotta say, the results are surprising me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

how come peeps think we should have to use guidance to complete mission stories? be interested to hear some thoughts. put fingers to plastic!


Yes, Dartmoor in particular really bugged me. I had alibi’s of all People except for Emma and the Butler, though Diana clearly said that he didn’t do it. Also the Greenhouse Key in Emma and Gregoys Room should count as a much more valid Evidence aswell. Still couldn’t complete the Mission Story though, before Alexa died of her Drink, which I didn’t poisoned.


You can still use them without jumping through each hoop. You just don’t tick the challenge off. For example in Dubai you can do the meeting one without first going to the kiosk like Grey tells you to. It still works though and the challenge tick is a one time thing.

sure, but don’t you think that should tick the challenge anyway rather than having to repeat the run with guidance on? seems a bit silly to me to be penalised for not using guidance.

to be fair, i did the dubai one without guidance, so the steps mustn’t have been too esoteric :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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My reward is making it work and getting to the target. If I don’t get the challenge tick then eventually I’ll turn on the guidance, but it doesn’t really bother me. But we all have our things that bother us, so you aren’t wrong.

just seems like a weird design choice if you force players to use the optional guidance to unlock certain challenges. :man_shrugging:t4:

I’d guess it wasn’t a choice. They coded it to tick when you do all the things in order. To get it to give you leeway on soem things or the order would require more coding and that coding would have to be specific for each challenge so you couldn’t ignore crucial parts.

Nothing strict, just a lack of variation: in Chongqing, if you do not resist Hush’s mind control, 47 would resist on his own, and that leads to the same outcome. This mission story resembles the Initiate mission story on Isle of Sgail, where you could choose to comply or not. No choice there though.


Huh? It’s practically the same ‘if-then’ construct even if you change it.

It’s not. Let’s say if then for A B C D. But then on this specific challenge you could probably skip B. On another one you could probably do B and C in a reverse order and on a third you can skip A. Each story mission would need a specific set of rules for leeway. You can’t just code it as “complete 80% of events in any order” or you’d have players triggering story missions not even realising they did it bc it happened over a long exploration map and/or you’d have people skipping key parts of the story.

i’m not a programmer, so i have positively no idea how much work is involved… more than i imagine. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

i’d be surprised if they didn’t have control over things like the number of stages in a story mission or the conditions for triggering a challenge. it feels more like they’ve designed a few of the mission stories around the guidance system?

it’s a small thing like, i’m pretty sure the player isn’t ever told or shown in-game that they need the gaucho costume to carry out the sniper kill. only in the guidance. so you’re left following a promising thread but not knowing how or why you can’t proceed. no one wants that, surely? at least, i don’t. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The butler thing was really strange. You find in his room poison, a burned diary and other clues and yet Diana point blank says “he didn’t do it but we can frame him”. If you find this BEFORE finding the Emma information then it makes absolutely no sense, we’ve got proof that the butler did it and there’s no need for Diana to disagree.

I’m not either but if you can copy/paste a certain set of rules for all things then that’s easier than having to look at each individually and first come up with the logical leeway for that specific one and then program it.

i imagine it’s more of a design issue than a coding one. even if there were the kinds of restrictions on how to trigger a challenge that you’re talking about, in the case of the sniper mission, they should include that information in the game world, sans guidance, as they have on most other mission stories in the series. i don’t think that’s a huge ask?

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Surely you’d just be adding boolean operators, e.g.,:
If A and B and C then True
Or if B and A and C then True
Else False
You don’t need to code every possibility, just a few variants. Obviously it wouldn’t be written as I’ve written it, but to make it easier to understand.