Arthur Edwards (Constant II) Fan club

This is a place for fans of the main antagonist in WoA trilogy to gather and discuss about their sexy :joy:, mischievous character.




Philip Rosch is supposed to be on a podcast soon, which I’m eagerly awaiting. His energy and excitement during the full cast interview was infectious. I’m interested to hear more about his thoughts on the character and his career in general.

Oh please no, I’m getting a guilty conscience because I started this with my Lucas Grey thread :see_no_evil: I think the Mods already hate me haha


I’ll make a “Mini’s Mistakes Fan Club” thread about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is REALLY getting out of hand.

Yeah I actually tried to put those fanclubs onto a personal ignore list or mute them, but there is no such functionality for topics or is it? All I see is share, bookmark, flag :frowning:

It is right below these buttons, where the setting is “Tracked” for you now (since you replied). Just click on that and set it to Muted.

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Oh thank you, I didn’t notice there is another line. :heart:

Here’s to the greatest antagonist of the franchise


You know its true :wink:


Nah, that was BM mate :wink:

But yeah, definitely the most fleshed out villain the series has had

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what is that hairline

Is it just me, or does his voice always sound odd, somehow? Soft and breathy?

Absolution Fan Club when?

As a game, it looks mediocre, although the graphics are good.

I’ve been watching playthrough videos on YouTube. To be fair to it, that “King of Chinatown” mission appears to have a fair amount of variety to it, so I’m not sure the entire thing was as linear as was claimed. If the reviews are to be trusted, though, I can see why it wasn’t a hit.