Assassin’s Creed Mirage

New gameplay trailer. If you’re a classic AC fan, this will tickle your fancy. Gameplay and combat looks fluid and smooth. Classic stuff from every ac mixed into this game. Can’t wait for October.


Now that looks like a return to form, even though it still takes place during the period of the RPG trilogy, and technically stars a Hidden One rather than an Assassin (frankly think Hidden Ones were a better name, to be honest). Also seems that, like Unity (and Hitman for that matter), you’ve got some options for dealing with potential witnesses, some more stealthy and subtle than others. Add in the Middle-Eastern aesthetic of the original game and Revelations and it really does bring back all the nostalgic feels.


After years of complaining they are all the same they decided to change the formula only to just revert to type…

Don’t get me wrong classic AC is still good but Basim has the personality of balsa wood.

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I was kinda hoping for it to be set in China. Still, looks promising.

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Basim was so unlikable in the recent game and I could not bond with Valhalla in general. That feels like a bad start for a game where he is the protagonist.

Combat looks good though. Personally I am liking the games from Origin on more than the older ones.


Is Mirage supposed to take place before or after Valhalla? If the latter, maybe there’s chance for some character development for him? Altair was far from likeable, but turned out better at the end. Either way, his persona didn’t stand in the way of me enjoying the first game, so hopefully the same will apply here.

Also, shouldn’t we just change this into a general AC thread? I don’t believe there is one on the forum…

Before. The game is about Basim growing up into his Mentorship.

Ah, ok… So maybe he’ll develop from a cool guy to whatever he is in Valhalla then.

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Hopefully but it seems kind of moot with the game being a prequel and all.

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Hopefully it’s just a modern AC 1 / AC 2 game without the bloat and filler. I’m just tired of Ubi’s bloated games.

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At first i thought its a Remake of AC1, that would have been an instant-buy.

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There had better not ever be a remake of the first game, or any AC game for that matter. Unlike the first Hitman game, does not need one. Now, a digital remaster so that it can be played easier on current platforms as past games have had, sure.


Ah, the waiting game again…


They’ll be back with their tails between their legs. Like they always do :smile:


I thought that after bringing all their newer titles back to Steam recently, they´ve finally given up and will take all the cash they can get. Guess not :laughing:


Probably they get some dosh from Epic for the exclusivity, not to mention Epic taking a smaller cut from sales compared to Steam. Guess Ubi is hoping to make a bit of profit this way before moving to Steam :brain:

Not sure it will help them since they are barely releasing games these days. :smile:
They might be bleeding money rather than making.


Yeah, I assumed so as well. We´ll see if it takes “only” a year or more (too bad I can´t play the waiting game with Alan Wake 2 as well…).

That´s the thing. After all that crying about their financial performance, I would´ve expected them to not be so picky (surely they know how most PC players feel about this). Guess Epic made a good offer :man_shrugging:

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I don’t know how to truly feel about this game.

I was an old school AC player back in high school (I remember watching AC1 trailer back in 2005), and it was basically my introduction into video games. And I have great memory of launching AC1 just to roam the cities. I remember playing a “the floor is lava” game to traverse the entire cities, or reach such or such monuments without falling, which in AC1 was surprisingly involved. Not particularly difficult, but some thought were needed, and small improvement in the movement set could be used.

Looking at the trailer, it’s obvious that it’s a AC Origins throw back/asset flip, but with the promise of a more proper / old school structure.

A good example of that it the suspicious editing of some of the parkour, a more precise one is the crane. Which cuts, because in ACO, it looks like this :

Which is a bit janky, and I think will be still here. Because they edited the middle jump out, to just show the running on the arms.

So I don’t think it will be a pure old school AC.

But Origins was my favourite recent AC, because I’m a desert setting fan, and man do I live when game give me large map to show distant location with nothing but the road between them. (man I wish fallout did that).
And the largest issue I have with ACO is that I really want to replay it, but I also really don’t want to go again into the bloated structure of it.

So if Mirage is what it says it is, a well structured, not bloated, 20-30 hours version of ACO, then I’m all here for it.