Asylum Monster?

If you stick around in the basement of Asylum Aftermath until the soundtrack finishes, there’s a really weird soundscape that begins playing. (And then after that, the Beldingford ambience just loops). What do you guys think this eludes to?


That you took to long to complete the mission and now only secondary sounds tracks are playing. I don’t think that there is much more to it and I would be surprised if there was a hidden easter egg that have gone undiscovered for almost 18 years.

How long did it take before the soundtrack stopped?


Record it and show us. I think I have an idea of what you mean, but am not sure.

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i don’t think it’s a second theme, unless my memory of a gameplay experience i just had a few minutes ago is that bad there was a smooth transition almost as if it was part of the original theme

could just be vocals for the theme

edit: and after awhile it actually just gets weirder, more weird “monster” noises and no actual music


Its part of the ‘slaughterhouse’ track. Those monster sounds you hear are distorted moans


I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere recently on the old forum that the Slaughterhouse theme is actually named Sanitarium in the files. Good find!


Ah yes. I thought you meant this. As mentioned this is part of the soundtrack.

Btw the best soundtrack of all Hitman games. Well, for me even the best soundtrack of all games out there.


Yeah, wasn’t it a baby crying just slowed down?

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it’s the sewer monster from GTA5

i remember posting that before i forgot the pass to that acc (alcoholism is a bitch). thanks, though

Still discovering stuff all the time, regardless of the time passed. There’s a cheat for H2SA on PS2 that just gives you a silenced 9mm and an MP5SD. I’m struggling to find a site with it.

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L2, R2, Up, Down, X, Up, R2, R2
Is the cheat for 9mm SMG and pistol