Bangkok ET Food Critic - awarded me SA/SO?

I completed the ET SA, but I started as a guard and left with green guns accident kill.
It awarded me SA/SO count 5 and gave me the lethal pills award.

Just trying to understand why, as I though SO was limited to suit only?

You’re right. SO is Suit Only, which means starting in the suit and never changing into anything else.

If you started as a security guard, you shouldn’t have gotten the SA/SO challenge. Since you did get it, you have probably found a bug in the game. Luckily, it’s a bug in your favour. Don’t think too hard about it and enjoy your unlock :partying_face:

Thanks, I will take the bug and run with it. I appreciate you confirming my prior understanding.

One other question while we are on the topic of SA/SO.
Is there a difference when racking up achievements by location SA/SO between regular mission,bonus missions, and ET’s. I was under the impression that SA/SO was only achievable once per level.

Most of my ET’s I didnt bother doing SO. I am still building my skills to doing SO on main or bonus missions. Unlocking all levels to Mastery 20 though I have over half of them done.

All regular missions and all bonus missions have each a dedicated SA/SO challenge. Elusive targets have an SA challenge, but not SA/SO, which makes it even weirder that you got it.

Sapienza for example has one regular and three bonus missions, so you can get 4 SA/SO challenges in total. They should all count towards location mastery and towards overarching challenges like “SA/SO count 5”.


I’m sure you’ll cope with this information, but the only thing you lose by not completing a ET suit only is +5XP.


awesome! thats good news to me

You actually get a higher score (not accounting for time) for changing outfits than completing the mission suit-only anyway.


It was not so much about high scores as much as SA/SO ticks toward awards. Then clarification that ET do not get SA/SO award ticks normally. You make a valid point @schatenjager that changing a suit a single time would net more points.

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