Because the unlocks were bugged in January, and i unlocked all the featured contract items, i'll never get them again

The challenges for these items have a tick next to them, but I don’t have any of the items that i didn’t unlock in HITMAN 2, i really wanted the redtie kiwi :confused:

I think we need to wait till the next game update for these challenge issues to be fixed.
Fingers crossed we don’t need to wait half a year more for this


I have a similar issue. The game says I have done enough to unlock the kiwi and the Arkian Tuxedo but I have neither.

I fear I’ll be in the club with missing unlocks too.

I completed all the Tier 2 Featured Contracts challenges by replaying Featured Contracts to get better times (each run counted as a contract) and all the challenges got marked off as complete, including the one with the ICA19 unlock (which the last patch removed as an unlock) and the one without an unlock attached.

I’m hoping IO just end up attaching H2 unlocks that aren’t in the game yet to these challenges rather than introducing something new that I might be without… :frowning:

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Same here. When these rewards are eventually patched in, I hope IOI is able to retroactively grant us the unlocks through a server side fix.


Thats some hitman unlock FOMO in here. But im in the same boat. Although im not missing an item yet. But i probably will when they put a new unlock in the place of ica19. Fingers crossed they know about it.


IOI will probably do something about it. They removed the ICA19 unlocks for the Tier 3 (complete 20 featured contracts) during the February update with nothing tied to it.
After the first two batches of FC in February (so, after 10 FC in H3 maps), two new batches are scheduled in March. It will lead to a total of 20 FC in H3 maps.
So, IOI have two choices: give retroactively an unlock during the March update or give no rewards at all (would be odd, but that’s a possibility).

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