Berlin Pizza scooter lagged out pc epic

PC EPIC is pizza scooter exit lagged out for anyone else? I get 47 cut scene then he gets off the scooter and mission freezes.
Edit: only happens on missions with required exit. Any exit missions scooter exit works.


never experienced anything like that but to do a joke out of @47Agent book maybe the mission froze cause the delivery got so cold it stopped 47 in his tracks. but yeah that is a rare bug.

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Tried it on two contracts with required exit, what would be the fix cuz it seems like it’s bug out every time. Tried verifying the game files,restarting game. reinstalling? Or hope IO fixes it in next patch?

reinstalling or letting IOI know of a bug. also might seem like an odd question but what are these two contracts in specific? also i’m not too advanced on bugs or things like that. keep in mind i’m no expert.

I can’t remember I could look up what contract it was, I know one was called pizza time or something with pizza guy as the only target and scooter reqired exit did that one to test out the exit.

i see. probably something to tell the IOI player support of a bug noticed.

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better than what i had in mind.

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I don’t understand the meme totally. Better go on foot than scooter exit or? Haha @Agent_MJ @47Agent I rarely use that exit it was a reqired exit for the mission if that’s the meme huehue

joke being it froze. but yeah definitely report the bug.