Best Hitman 3 light/graphics mod?

Since I’ve basically unlocked everything that I really want to unlock from Hitman 3 Trilogy (unless IOI introduces something I consider really exciting), I’m considering going offline and adopting a mod or two. I’d really like one that approximates the lighting effects of Hitman 1, or at least fixes some of the issues I’ve had, namely with sniper scopes either getting cloudy/hazy or bloomy around the reticule.

Does anyone who’ve used such mods have any suggestions?

There’s only really one lighting mod that does that, that being lighting ultimate, and even then you don’t need to be offline to use it.
A better place to ask this would’ve been the dedicated modding thread.


i would old lighting to be back in hitman trilogy

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Yep. Lighting Ultimate does exactly what you want, with the Classic Pack.

Currently it’s a bit buggy, however there have been some advancements in format RE-ing and hopefully there will soon be a tool that will fix the main bugs with it by the next release.

If anyone is wondering why there hasn’t been an update yet, that would be the main reason why.


yes i would love that