Best way to play Hitman 2 moving forward? (PC)

Hi everyone. Recently got into the Hitman series and have been loving the games. Decided to sign up here, nice to meet you all. I had a couple of questions about progressing through the World of Assassination trilogy.

So I didn’t do much research into these games before getting them while they were on sale on Steam. But, I’ve been playing through them anyway, and here’s where I’m at:

I played through Hitman (2016), realised progress wouldn’t transfer over to Hitman 2, and so I decided to just get all the Steam achievements and move on.

Now I’m on Hitman 2, and have learned more about how progression works and transfers. My current plan is to once again complete all of the achievements on Hitman 2, then transfer over my progress to Hitman III THEN complete everything to 100%.

Is this the right way to go, do you think? Would you recommend an entirely different way?

My other question is this:

I’m aware that Hitman III is exclusively on the Epic Games Store until around January next year. Would you recommend I get the game on EGS after completing Hitman 2 and transferring my progress to there, or should I just wait until it releases on Steam?

My thought process at the moment is to purchase it on the EGS after H2 so I don’t miss out on any Elusive Targets and other events. But, on the other hand, I would like to keep everything on one platform. What do you guys think?

Appreciate all responses.


I will wait for steam because there there is no multiplayer sniper mode. Also It would look better if someone looked at your steam profile and saw 3 game completed and, maybe game will be cheaper in steam. All of this are assumptions.


Thanks for the reply Nawn. I wasn’t aware there was no multiplayer sniper mode yet, that’s interesting. And I’d agree with your other assessments. I guess I’ll have to see how things turn out in later months. I really do hope they keep adding and reactivating Elusive Targets a year down the line so that the outfits are still unlockable.

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If you really want to play elusive targets you can transfer locations . They still make elusive targets for old locations.

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