Better Inventories

Hitman 3’s inventory system is a mess at the moment, it gets quite frustrating scrolling through reskins of the same item to find something you’re looking for.
What I think should change:

  • New Categorys When equipping a concealable item, there are 2 categorizes, pistols and SMGs. With about 90% of concealable weapons being under the pistols category, I feel like more categorys could be created such as ‘F/A Pistols’, ‘Unsilenced Pistols’, ‘Silenced Pistols’, and ‘Tranquilizers’. Although this change will barely speed up the gun equipping process, it’ll make it a a lot less messy.

  • The ability to favorite items This would introduce a new ‘Favorites’ category. It’ll work the same as it does with Contracts, pressing F while hovering over said item will add it to the category.

  • A better saved loadout system Currently the saved loadout system is that whenever playing a mission on a map it automatically chooses what items you brought with you last time on the map (not mission). This should only happen on missions and should exclude escalations set on said mission.


I had thought of them having smaller pictures…

As you mentioned with the firearms/pistols, the Tab for that could look like…

Silenced: Silverballer, Krugermeier,
Non-Silenced: Striker
Dart Guns: Seiker, Sedative Dart Gun, _____

For items that are essentially reskins, maybe (for example, the Silverballer) it could expand and list the ICA-19, Chrome Ballers, …(the all black gun, the all red gun, the all white gun), etc.

Thinking of distraction items… When you go to that Tab the first item you start on is an illegal item, the Mixtape 47. As much as I like that for the songs on it, it’d make way more sense to just have…

Throwables: Coins, Red Tie Kiwi… etc.
Audio Distractions: Mixtape 47, Remote Audio Distraction… etc.

Same with the poisons tab.

Emetic Syringes: And the various sedative syringes listed going to the right.
Emetic Poisons
Lethal Syringes
Lethal Poisons
Sedative Syringe(s) There’s only one item like this, so…
Sedative Poisons

Then finally the Explosives Tab…

…In short, put all the Proximity Explosives towards the bottom. :laughing:

Well, these are my ideas and I have been thinking about this for a good while, I just never had the motivation to make a topic on it.

I might even try to work up a screenshot of what I’m thinking about - in case the explanation wasn’t enough.

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Better load out yes, i’d like the starting point and the smuggled item to be saved.