Blood Money Rework

I love Blood Money
I propose a full rework of this game, to be like new hitman games.

Let’s just imagine the opera from Blood Money (Curtains Down) as big as the map Paris (the showstopper) in hitman 2016. As detailled as 2016, with more rooms, more opportunities, the main opera room HUGE size, like a real one. Maybe full audience in seats, reporters, … a bar lounge, bigger toilets kind of luxuary.

Let’s just imagine A New Life mission from Blood Money, as big as Whittleton Creek (Another life) from Hitman 2, but with only some big villa with giant pool, and inside pool, somehing giant and great, and the Pet Clinic better than just an opened garage and a little backroom. More opportunities, maybe a second target, a security lil house for the private street.

I can talk about all maps from blood money, they can be rework, with size of new hitman’s maps, it could be really really amazing, and lot of fans will buy the game i’m sure. :heart_eyes:


I agree with you completely. Some players here believe that Levels that share ideas are close enough (Paris, Wittleton Creek etc) but I have an unparalleled visionary mindset that can observe the potentiality of said missions and making something better rather than full on conception from scratch. But it’s complicated to explain why one sees in the mind without distorting the image with words that couldn’t come close to sharing semblance with the real thing.

the new missions already take too much inspiration from the old games and i don’t really want any more of this iteration of hitman: 20 levels are enough. unless the core mechanics are substantially changed, i don’t see it as viable at all. just play blood money again. the changes to the missions themselves you’re proposing are too drastic and there is no point in remaking the level if you change it that much. there still are lots of ideas ioi haven’t explored: airport, plane, prison, police station, circus, submarine and so on and so forth. i’d rather play them than more of the same mansions, sanatoriums etc

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If IO are dedicated to a Glacier 2 Blood Money Remake, they would have to change the core mechanics, or have the whole project be slated by the audience for missing features the original has.


i’m talking about other changes. the current mechanics feel stale already. i don’t want a remake with them even in a tweaked and refined way. well, at all, actually. but in general i want the next hitman game to feel substantially different and new whether it’s a remake or, hopefully, not

What would you have like to be added/changed?

Why do you want to fundamentally alter BM’s levels? I’m all for an engine update and maybe a new control scheme, but the missions themselves should remain pure and relatively unchanged in terms of layout and design.

just a different core gameplay loop. it’s up to them to figure it out. that’s not necessarily a good idea but it should be something just as drastic: make it an immersive sim with deeper systems like dialogue options in order to avoid enforcers etc.

Like I have said before: a massive waste of time and effort. Better for IO to pursue new ideas.

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Probably going to be an unpopular statement, but if Blood Money was to be reworked then it won’t match up to the original. 2 reasons: the way accidents work, and the whole pushing system.
I enjoy screwing around in BM because you can randomly shove civilians and non-targets to their death and it doesn’t count against you, as absurd as it is (12 people ‘accidentally’ fell to their death in an hour, but no foul play suspected) It’s janky as hell but in 2006 it’s fair enough. Nowdays I don’t think it’d fly.
Taking those elements out, then you have got some levels that feel a bit lacking when you compare to what has come out since. Editing the levels to be larger or have more opportunities sort of ruins the design, and to be honest if you just want the levels as they were, then you may as well just play the original


Blood Money should stay it’s ows thing, it’s perfect as it is. I rather they add new and inovative levels that we’ve been asking for a long time. Like an Airport or Cruise ship.

Won’t be surprised at all if Amendment XXV is not included.

That’s an interesting idea, a lot talked about on the community.

However it will be a waste of time and resources, as HITMAN seems to be a new genre of reboot.

Putting the Blood Money levels into the renewed HITMAN trilogy would be sort of offtopic as it would also need to implement Blood Money features to feel right.

This idea can still be interesting for the next games after HITMAN trilogy tho, but in an unknown future and different kind of games.