Blood Money style extraction crates

Do you think it would be a good idea to have maybe 1 or 2 of these crates around the map for you to put a weapon/tool in so you can bring them back to the safehouse without them being in your inventory?


I like that idea :smiley: That would be cool.

Considering you have unlimited never ending pockets, I don’t see the point.

If say we’re talking about something like a sniper rifle or any other large non-concealable weapon, that’s what the briefcase is for.

So no need for this. I prefer having what you enter with and leaving with what you have to keep.

If anything, make EVERY MAP have a briefcase laying around that you can collect like in Paris, Miami, etc, to store your large weapon in.


Sometimes you end up with more large weapons than you can carry… :sweat_smile:

There’s a really good reddit post that has a more fleshed out version of this, interesting read!

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True but to be fair, who is collecting the crates then? Diana? Cuz only 47 and Diana are working together. lol

He can come back later to get them once he stored his stuff in the back of his car. :upside_down_face:

So then take the weapons to the exit, drop them (hiding them) and then go back for the other. :melting_face:

Doesn’t allow me to carry three large weapons though. :sob:

Also could be useful if you are compromised or hunted in guards disguise so you have to disguise as a civilian but still want to keep the large weapon without being caught. Very specific scenario but has happened to me multiple times

The problem with this is, once you aquire all the available guns/weapons, you will never use this feature again. Obviously it would be extremely helpful when first starting out; I would’ve used it. But now that I have everything? No.

Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t/can’t be implemented, just means ioi might not see the upside in doing so. It’s definitely a QOL thing.


they can just put the work out on contract. like an uber for illegal pick-ups. no questions asked.

quality of life would be the upside. :smile:

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QOL isn’t good in this manner cuz it contradicts the mode.