Blood Money's Ending=Hilarious

It’s just so funny to me like it’s that meme of a sigh of relief gif of Denzel Washington (especially when the credits music plays with Swan Lee’s “Tomorrow Never Dies”). Like “oh thank goodness, our hero is still alive”, and if you’re somebody who noticed how much of a heartless jerk 47 was in that game.kills a postman, a reporter, and a priest in cold blood to maintain his cover. It’s just funny to think at the end of the game “What a hero! Glad he made it despite all the odds against him!”. The game that tries to make him look like a hero when he acts nothing like one and more of a villain.

To be fair, 47 was supposed to kill the postal guy because of how the package was labeled. ICA was letting him know that shooting the messenger was part of the latest job before he even knew what it was. And in the case of the reporter and priest, 47 doesn’t necessarily have to kill them. Grab them both in turn and use them as human shields and let the guards shoot them. Then it’s not on 47 that those guards chose mind over matter; they didn’t mind, so the hostages didn’t matter.


Always thought that was out of character for 47 shooting the messenger so to speak.

Not if that was part of ICA’s order. The moment he saw it was a code red, that’s when he took steps to kill the messenger. That means that ICA expected him to understand the significance of a code red delivery, and he acted accordingly.

Huh? Where it ever been said 47 is a hero? He is clearly an anti-hero, also, have you ever watched dexter? What his first role? “Dont get caught”, same with 47, do you think he want to go to jail just because he has to kill witnesses that are supposly innocent?

Precisely. 47 will save innocent people if he gets a chance, meaning they don’t interfere with his mission and/or they can’t compromise him. Anyone who can expose him to the authorities, endangering his freedom and his life, and he has to neutralize them as a threat. Now, so far, this has only come up in Blood Money, but the ? woman was not only self-defense, she was also an enemy agent who he would have been retroactively assigned as a target anyway. The mail guy was an order from ICA, so basically a sanctioned target. As for the priest and reporter at the end, they can never be allowed to tell people who he is and that he’s alive and out in the world, but if it truly bothers the player, you can take them both as human shields and let the guards shoot them, making them technically the ones who killed them.