Booting up Hitman 3 (Steam) opens up Epic Games client

Hey everyone,

I own Hitman 3 on the Epic Store and have played it and had it installed. I bought the Steam version yesterday to own all 3 games on the same platform. To save time I copied my Hitman 3 game folder from the Epic client to my Steam games folder and then made it download the last 10%.

But now, whenever I try to start up Hitman 3 on Steam, it starts up the Epic Game client and says the game is not installed (I deleted it from Epic to try to fix the issue). I’ve already deleted the Steam version and redownloaded it to try to fix the issue as well.

Does anyone know what the issue could be?


This is the issue :arrow_down:


Hey, a fellow Count!

Alright let me rephrase it. I think I am aware of the issue, but does anyone know a solution? I have already deleted that folder and let Steam redownload the game but it ends up with the same problem.

I think you need to flush clean all the Steam folders, including hidden in service folders as some key files always stored there safely.
Most of them are in the AppData which also hidden.
You’d better google it yourself, how to disclose the hidden files and folders.

I guess the path to the desired folder would look like this:
(depends on what disk your Windows and Steam are installed to)

It’s just enough to delete Steam folder from there.
Better doing it with Steam already unistalled though as it might redownload it from the server.
I hope it won’t do it after you install it again after deleting this folder


I just had this happen to me, and I also tried saving some time by copying my Hitman 3 folder over from EGS to Steam.

I wound up having to completely uninstall the game from both Epic and Steam, along with the Epic Games Store, and finally redownloading the game through Steam (taking shortcuts won’t work. You have to actually download the files) and I finally got it to launch the game properly.

I wound up using Revo Uninstaller to make sure it got all of the hidden config files that might be around.

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Might be a bit late, but for all the other people who may read this:
After you copied over the game files, go into your HITMAN 3 folder in steamapps/common and delete

  • Launcher.exe
  • Retail/gameinfo.txt
  • Retail/HITMAN3.exe
  • Retail/EOSSDK-Win64-Shipping.dll (this one is the most important, as it forces the game to open in epic)

Repair the game-files in steam game properties window afterwards and it will work!