Bought H3 Again - Access Pass vs Level Import Question

Well, I did it. As a new Series X owner I couldn’t resist getting our favourite agent in his next gen form. I was on PS4 previously so it’s time to get grinding!

Anyways, forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere (I tried searching) as it’s probably a stupid question. Aside from the items that have either been retired or could only be accessed via progress transfer, is there any difference with buying the access passes for H2 Gold and H1 GOTY versus buying the standalone games and importing the levels?

Ie. The winter sports pack. Do I need to have owned H2 Gold on Xbox to get it or will buying the access pass grant it to me regardless?

I would assume no difference, but I want access to as many default items as possible so I wanted to clarify before going ahead with purchasing them.

I can’t tell you for sure, as I was getting full games, but I assume there is no difference in contents if you buy a full game or Access Pass.
Access Pass is the same full game but only for merging with HITMAN 3.
With Acess Pass you couldn’t launch HITMAN 2 or HITMAN 2016 as a standalone game.
It will only work within HITMAN 3.
This is the only difference

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With migrating from one platform to another this won’t work whatsoever

Thanks for the replies! Yeah, progress transfer is a non-issue since I switched platforms entirely (and I had already transferred on PS4) so I’m happy to grind again within H3 for challenges and unlocks. Figured it was more convenient to keep everything within H3 for this fresh playthrough.