Bought Sarajevo Six - now game persistantly crashes after 10 mins on Switch

Bought Sarajevo six in October and ever since then whenever I’m playing, no matter what I’m doing, the game will systematically freeze and crash after about 10 minutes requiring a hard reset only for it to happen again every single time.

I’ve contacted Hitman support and after months of correspondence and me doing all the troubleshooting, nothing has changed. They’ve ‘filed a report’ for the dev team but basically just say ‘wait for the next patch’ with no definite timeline nor guarantee that it will fix this specific problem.

Contacted Nintendo support as well asking them to refund me the 4.99 euros for this DLC as it is clearly broken and to remove it from my Switch. They said ‘no refunds, we can’t remove the DLC. Contact the Hitman support. End of’.

All in all I have spent 195 euros on all three games and the ridiculously overpriced DLC over the years and now I cannot even play it at all - something I just find beyond unnacceptable. I asked for compensation from both parties and quite frankly got the door slammed in my face. Good customer service…? Lol…

If this was any other product I’d have AT LEAST received a refund but Nintendo’s policy is just a firm no, regardless of the issue or who is at fault.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I know it’s not my Switch as every other game I have works fine. By now I have all but given up…

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You can’t uninstall DLC on Switch!? We can on Xbox and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen PS and PC players say the same.


Yeah as a someone that uses the switch a lot I can confirm you can’t delete dlc it sucks


Nintendo differs from other platforms as it’s a streaming service and nothing intalled on the device, but in the cloud.
Thus you can’t uninstall anything unless there is an option in user area to do so.
It’s possible to unistall something (I hope) from the admin back-end, but I doubt someone from the company would bother doing something similar.
Stadia and other streaming services work the same