Bread for H3 2.0

I’ve been waiting for almost five years now and IO still hasn’t added a loaf of bread as a muffin reskin and a stale baguette as a fish reskin.

I’m still waiting


Well since both the muffin and fish was part of items that was introduced in 2018 with HITMAN 2, you have only waited 2 years and 2 months. Plus it’s been 4 years 10 months and 2 days since H16 was released.

I’ve been waiting since Hitman 2016 game came out,
I originally thought of it as reskin of the soda can whilst the baguette was based off of the crowbar with no special ability.
Then hitman 2 rolled around and the muffin and fish were exactly what I was looking for.
Joined the forums in late 2020 and then made my post.

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But why the obsession with bread?

There is probably a higher chance to get a modder to make skins for these items, then IO doing it. I wouldn’t hold my breath on IO doing bread skins.

  1. Nostalgia for home

  2. Modded items feel out of place

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Well I wish you the best luck regarding this bread adventure.


Honestly, I doubt even a month-old baguette could knock someone out… plus, I think we don’t need more joke reskins.

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Bananas for every map and an unlockable item maybe on Whittleton Creek. Oh and more “clean at work sign’s” please a few on every map where people are “cleaning”.

Of course I support “bread”… maybe a huge salami from a butcher aswell.

Oh I forgot to add a “cake”. Cakes… the most underrated throwable Item.


haha food kill people funny ha ha ha


If you can play baseball with one you can knock somebody out, trust me

The muffin doesn’t do anything for me, (same for the snow ball etc) but hoofing a loaf of stale bread at someone would give me a certain amount of satisfaction. The soup can I think will remain the most satisfying, of course.

We already have bread in the game tho? Just happens to be either end of some beef, lettuce, cheese, and tomato :wink:


They could like cover the crowbar with bread and make a crowbread

could be a good item, i would use it

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Yes for baguette melee weapon/crowbar! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


In a recent interview they said H2 was the comical brother, with Flamingo suits and slapping people with fish, and HIII will be the dark and serious one. So I doubt we will get to KO people with bread, and I don’t think the “bananas everywhere” meme will come true either.


It’s not the same! .

**Many bananas in dubai

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

just found this old post. Sadly I didn’t succeed. Maybe next decade.


All the effort you put in and you are only disappointed for a day?

smh @banana 's dedication to having bread in hitman is not genuine.

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