[Bug] about hitman3 challenges doesn't pop up

I have played once the challenges (top gear: escape via the motorcycle) in dartmoor, so this challenge was unlocked. However, due to some reasons, I loaded the save record and chose another escape way (Last Respnder: escape via the hearse).

I played next round and found that the motorcycle challenge back to the lock state and the hearse challenge is unlock state.

Until now, I no longer trigger out the motorcycle challenge no matter I try many times… it’s impact that cannot fulfill all challenges :’(
Can anyone have some suggestions or same experience?

Could it be that you used the «wrong» motorcycle exit? The one on the right side of the bike doesn’t work for the challenge. You have to walk around the motorcycle and use this exit.

thanks for your reply. I also doubt that I used the <> motorcycle exit, but I found the video and did same thing about the motorcycle exit…

If you tried this exit and the challenge still doesn’t pop up, you should report it in the Bug Report Thread

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Are you playing Hitman 3 on PC or Console?

I Play on Ps4, disc…

Ok, you should delete all save game files from your console. I saw people claiming that it works.

Personally I had to do it for a challenge in Mendoza and it worked. You will not lose your progress anyway, only game settings and saves. Then try again to exit exactly as the video shows

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Thanks for your reply
Unfortunately, I delete all save game files and try again, it still cannot trigger the challenge…I don’t know if it originally has bug or this way is not work :’(

by the way, I found the streamer who has the same problem, you can start at 2:39:00. He escapes via the motorcycle, and finally you can see that the challenge doesn’t pop up.

Yes. The Youtuber exits on the wrong side of the motorcycle. The challenge only works on the other side.

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there are 2 ways to escape via motorcycle?
the following video is successful case that you can see he escapes to the same way (the mission starting point)

oh…!!! thank you very very very much
I try one more time and it finally done
It requires that taking the bike on the behind side instead of the nearest side…

There you go: Just made a very quick (non SA) run to show you the right exit

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I’ve got the opposite problem, challenges unlock, but the platinum trophy doesn’t.

I got around the motorcycle, however, by saving it before I exited and kept alternating sides until it registered.

I also have several challenges that don’t pop the yellow bird challenge comes to mind also several trophies no coincidence the yellow bird but also the Dartmouth Manor trophy for completing all missions it’s only 3 and yeah did that a million times over there are more but I won’t bore you unless need a list I’m happy to provide one. Love this game thanks for all the fun