Bug Hitman Cult Classic contract

I am very annoyed by the target “Jeff” in the Cult Classic contract of Sapienza in the night the target is invisible on the screen !!! there is indeed something sitting on the bench in the Sapienza square but impossible to see it and the funniest thing and when I throw a screwdriver it stays suspended in the air I can then take it back and so on but it m It’s impossible to finish this contract, it’s very boring!
Has anyone encountered this problem before?

In order to get Jeff in place you need to play The Source mission in Bangkok while not letting Jeff to do something to himself.
After you complete this mission while Jeff is safe (you can knock him out and hide into the closet) he will appear in the contact as a normal


OôKey thank you very much for your feedback! I’ve been scratching my head for 2 days!! I will try tonight, thanks again