Bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, haven’t posted in the bugs thread as it may just be me, but for some reason for a while now on Hitman 3 I havent been able to select the fibre wire or coins in my loadouts before missions. Theres not even an option to do so. For example if I go to the distractions tab there’s only the remote audio distraction device and nothing else (ie no coins).

Is this something I’ve done, or a bug? Its very annoying.

Maybe you’re trying to equip those items where it’s restricted?
Can you pick fiber wire and coins for Paris for example, or Dubai, or Miami?

Thanks for your reply. No i can’t. There’s no option regardless which suit I’m wearing. Appears like this for all levels.

Edit: I’m sure I used to be able to when I first had the game. So not sure what’s happened

Can you show some screenshots or video of this?

Cant attach as file too big. Just in process of uploading a private video to YouTube then will share the link.

Edit: https://youtu.be/KhgwqJogAGg

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That is really strange.

We do have a thread for bug reports and this should definitely go there. I do wonder if anyone else had this too.

I saw that thread but its a thread of nearly 1000 posts so figured it would never be seen in there :man_shrugging:

I’ve put it in the bugs thread now. I wasn’t sure as I thought it was something I was doing but now I’m convinced its a bug.

There is also no signature suit

Well spotted. I dont imagine IOI will ever see my message in the bugs thread though. I’m starting to think it’s got something to do with my linked IOI account. I have Hitman 2016 on PC but never played Hitman 2. I also now have the classic lock pick in my inventory so not sure if I’ve unlocked that somehow. Its ruining my enjoyment tbh because if you watch strategies and speedruns online, most if not all use coins as distractions. Also limits me getting the feat to kill people with fibre wire. I’m loving the game but its really ruining my enjoyment tbh