Bug report: Interactions disabled when decorating Kitchen

I just unlocked the Kitchen decorating part of the Safehouse, the one right next to the secret entrance.

When I go into instinct and press “Decorate Kitchen” the camera zooms in momentarily and after that nothing happens and 47 just goes into walking around like normal. Except after doing this, 47 can no longer interact with objects or use instinct. Pressing the instinct button does nothing, and interacting with objects will make their interact button fill in but then be automatically cancelled before they start. The only way to get out of this bugged state was to press exit and leave Freelancer into the main menu.

I believe I am level 16 or 17, and i was wearing the Rude Ruby suit. I have not tried wearing any other suit and doing it again, but it has happened the last two times I tried.


This is a bug that also was reported in the test in november and is not fixed yet.