Bug with Swan Dive exit

I can not complete a Contract because this required exit is not appearing.

The butler arrives at the fridge, the jingle plays, the butler talks again and nothing. He also stays at the fridge from here. Any idea, please ?

Usually you are required to lead the butler to the freezer, while wearing the disguise of Blake Nathaniel to unlock the exit. But are you sure it is the right exit for the contract? Perhaps you can share the contract ID so we can check it out?

There aren’t many hidden exits on the map. One helicopter exit requires the Constant to not be spooked. The roof exit requires the hand flare. Other should be displayed on the map normally if set to be required.

Yes, i am 100% sure it’s the right exit because it’s the only one allowed by a Complication. The Contract is called “The Impossible Masquerade”.

Leading the butler to the freezer is what i do, 47 disguised as Blake, the little music is playing, but the exit is systematically (i tried several times) not appearing, not even on the map.

I’d like to have a look at the contract personally. Is it a HITMAN 2 contract or HITMAN 3 contract? Do you play it on PS4? if that’s the case, can you share the ID of the contract? if not, then I may not be able to help. But you can always report a bug via IOI’s official website here:


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If it’s a PC contract I might try to help.

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The Contract was created on PC for H2, it has been recreated (for PC) for H3 though, and i play it on PC, H2 version.

Thanks you anyway, i may have an idea on what’s going on, and will try/test a few things.


I guess it’s a long time bug, because several exits does not simply indicated on the map.
Like medic exit in Miami.
Bug or feature, that is the question. Because if map has several EE exits, how would you know which one exactly do you need? There is no info on that anywhere except an author kindly writes it in the briefing

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@SeigneurVoland I recommend you to go to the exit spot after you activated it.
Maybe here we have same situation, when exit is active, just you don’t see it anywhere on the map

Yeah, speaking of that, there was one time I needed to complete a contract with that specific exit with no disguise restriction. I was so confident that it must be the Pale Driver exit. Only to realize such exit isn’t available in the contract mode for Miami.

It is available, I made a contract myself with Pale exit for H2.
Only condition you need for that is to mark both Knoxes as a targets and kill them in Pale Rider disguise

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Interesting! Then I guess it is possible to make a contract that is impossible to get the SA rating by marking other NPCs as targets, kiling both Knoxes in the disguise as non-targets and using the exit. It would confuse the shit out of the players, and eventually get reported as a trolling cotract. :joy:

No, Knoxes must be targets to kill them because the game won’t give you an opportunity to exit via racecar then

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Well i have found the source of the problem, it has actually nothing to do with the Swan Dive exit in particular, and it’s pretty crazy.

Killing the Constant, target or not, in a Contract, with one of the 2 switches from the twins, simply prevents the player to complete the mission.

If the Constant is a target in the Contract (which is the case in the one i try to finish), the prompts for ALL exits do not appear at all once all the targets have been eliminated, and if he is not a target, the prompts which have appeared are disappearing as soon as the switch is triggered, right before 47’ eyes.

So i can complete the Contract as long as i kill the Constant with something else, too bad though for a good kill and my strat. I have no idea of what’s going on here, but even if it’s a bug and not intended, i won’t waste my time in submitting a ticket.

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Reminds me of how I completed a very difficult and painstaking series of eliminations and attempted to leave via helicopter only for the exit to vanish the moment I got spotted. Attempted to escape and was subsequently gunned down in the chapel.

As for all exits disappearing after using the kill switch, this could be leftover from a campaign feature to prevent the player from leaving before the failure kicked in.

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