Can I play the legacy pack without the disc?

so, I have the disc version of the game on PS4 and I lent the disc to my friend for a while but I also had the 2016 game, therefore I did download the legacy pack. the question is: can I play the legacy levels in H2 right now without the disc? maybe I should try downloading the free entry pack or whatever to do that?

No you can’t. I know because I tried.
You can buy right now H2 again on the PSN store with 80% off. Or you just need to get back your disk copy.
And the free entry pack will just give you the first mission I believe. Any way you can try if it works.
If not like I said H2 is 80% off right now.


thanks for the response. well, i guess i’ll just wait until he returns the disc then. i decided to buy the classic games
for PC because i’ve never really played the first 2 games and have completed Contracts only once, so i’ll play them instead


The H2 disc isn’t required to play the the Expansion Pass DLCs, since they’re all digital downloads. Legacy Pack DLCs are digital downloads too, so you’d think that it’d work, but I guess not.

If it doesn’t work with the disc version, then install the Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack and redeem the Legacy Pack.


wait, so i should be able to play the dlcs? hm, gonna check that out a bit later

Scratch what I wrote above.
I was thinking of playing the Expansion Pass content with the Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack version. Owning the disc version without the disc wouldn’t allow you to play the Legacy Pack or Expansion pass content.
So what Badea wrote stands true.

But you can still play the Legacy Pack content in the Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack.


Maybe it could work… I think on one scenario…
If you own the disk version of Hitman and the disk Version of Hitman 2, since you can’t have inserted both disc’s at the same time (at least on console) you may have to install Hitman 1 first, install the legacy package from there and then you have to insert the disk from Hitman 2. In theory as long you have the legacy Maps installed it should work. I could also be very wrong on this.