Can I transfer saved progress from Steam versions to the Epic Games Store?

Hello. First, I would like to thank you for what you are doing. I started my acquaintance with Agent 47 with Hitman: Contracts and was fascinated from the first missions. Thank you for my childhood to you, the ioi team, and to you, forty-seven. It’s also great to remember the cool missions from Blood Money, when I first saw so many people doing some side business of their own.

Hitman Absolution made a very big impression on me. Probably because of the graphics, a completely new system of achievements, convenient and beautiful kills, and, of course, a dramatic story. You know, someone started getting acquainted with the world of games through GTA San Andreas, and I did it through HItman) For which I say: “THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”

I would like to ask just a couple of questions, since I mostly buy games on Steam and was ready to wait for Hitman III, but some publications (press) It is reported that Hitman III may not be released on Steam, but remain in the Epic Games Store, is this true?

And if this is really true-will I be able to transfer the saves, and therefore the progress from the Steam versions to the Epic Games Store?

If yes, what should I do after purchasing Hitman III from the Epic Games Store? Will I have to buy Hitman (the first one) and Hitman 2 again?

And what is the biggest question - how exactly do I transfer the progress from the Steam version (Hitman, Hitman 2) to the Epic Games Store version (in Hitman III)

You can do the transfer. See this thread.

There are rumors.

Not if you already own them. Note that you should’ve made (you still can) make an IO account so you register the games you own for progression transfer.


The thread is about Locations Import.
It’s different and separate process.

Progress from HITMAN 2 (Steam) to HITMAN 3 (Epic) is done with the website of

More detailed explanation of progress carryover process available here.
Info about Location Import process is here.
Again, it’s two different processes.

But if you gather your games mostly on Steam, I reccomend you to wait with any transfers (rushed decisions based exclusively on rumors are not good), because both transfers are one-time things. Once you’ve transferred the progress and locations, you couldn’t do a transfer repeatedly in any direction


In fact, I didn’t expect to get an answer in the next few hours, for which I am very grateful.

Now I continue to pass Hitman (the first part), then I will proceed to the second, as I finally got a lot of free time and understood how everything works for ioi)

Now I would like to ask you, are you a true fan? What do you do in Hitman after 100% completion?

If you asking me, I’m playing various contracts (mostly Featured so far), sometimes replaying regular missions either on SA or doing some mess.
Time to time I like to clean up levels completely by killng every single NPC on the map without being spotted or let any body being found. Extremely boring, but I find this fun.

As for me being a true fan… Maybe I can name myself one, but only for games starting with Absolution.
I think I have about 20.000 hours of playtime of these games overall. With HITMAN 2 (I think) the most played game with 5855 hours, basically owing to to Ghost Mode. I liked that a lot


And then I smiled at your message)

No, what you have described is by no means boring) I think everyone likes something different. The only thing that I do not like is that many of my friends (who play/played Hitman) are compared in the passage of time.

I’ve never tried to do something faster than others) rather, make the script so beautiful that I like it myself)

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