Can i uninstall hitman 1 and hitman 2?

i thought this would be a good place to ask this question. if you guys do not know the answer please just say so and i will post this in tech support in this forum. i wanna free up some room but i have a concern.
if i uninstall hitman 1 and hitman 2, is that gonna effect my hitman 3 game in anyway? i dont wanna lose anything in hitman 3. i play on pc steam. thanks

Your H3 game (WOA now) doesn’t actually utilize anything from the original versions of H1 and H2. So feel free to uninstall them (I did after getting H3 on Xbox).

The H1 and H2 content in H3/WOA is actually from the Legacy Packs that are specific to H3/WOA.


There’s still features in HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 that HITMAN 3/WoA lacks such as additional dialogue and unique escalation contracts for the former and the ICA Electrocution Phone for the latter.



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…that is so vague…what additional dialog?

The great majority of which were too experimental for their own good and were frustrating AF to play. Shall I remind you of the pain that is the The Lupei Sensitivity? Or The Gladwyn Simulacrum with it’s hard to see landmines? The escalations being unique in premise does not stop them from failing in execution, which is why I wouldn’t mind those escalations being retooled to play better (them not being 3 stages really does not help matters either), but personally, I am in no hurry to replay them. If you are in a hurry to replay them (and more power to you), these can be played with Hitman 3 installed, and via the Peacock Project.

Which outright broke the game seven ways to Sunday balance-wise, and that’s all I’ll say on the matter as I’d rather not ignite a flame war.

As things go, we didn’t lose much when H3 came along, and it’s not like these features are lost forever either.

There really isn’t much point in keeping 2016/ H2 around. Even Ghost Mode works via Modding.

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They should do a one-time only update just to get rid of the phone and to reset the leadership boards as well as the classic challenges?

yasssssssssssssss queen