Can someone please explain to me like I'm five what the 'Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass'' is?

So, can someone please explain to me like I’m five years old what exactly this Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass is? Why does IOI Interactive have to keep making an incessant mess out of their Hitman pre-launches? If maybe they stopped being greedy and started prioritizing customers over their weird practices trying to squirt money out of their loyal customers, everything would go smoother.
Hitman 1, for those who were there, know its launch was a mess. Hitman 2 launch was also a mess - all their basilion upgrades/passes/packs and whatnot because money talks louder than being practical and straight forward didn’t help. I won’t even get to the sudden price spike that was ‘explained’ by Travis from IOI on the forums, but still not remedied around half of the world - prices are still steep and those of us who got pulled into this price fluctuation have still not received our price difference refunds.
I’m kinda glad that Hitman trilogy is coming to a closure just as not to deal with IOI anymore. I find the way they handle their stuff exhausting. I don’t see any company being as confusing as theirs over their own products that they’re selling. How I wish it had stuck with Square Enix.

Anyway, back to this confusing mess of a pass if anyone is willing to help, since nor any IOI account on social media, nor Hitman’s respond to official support queries…

I own Hitman 1 (GOTY) and Hitman 2 (Gold + Legacy GOTY Pack) on Steam. I guess this will be already a pass on its own for H3 on Epic, or not?

I see they are giving the ‘Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass’ for ‘‘free’’ if you pre-order strictly from Epic (in case you don’t get your pre-order somewhere else, like G2A or Kinguin). But if you already own Hitman 1 and 2 in the way that I described, on Steam, then I don’t really need to worry about this free Hitman 1 Access Pass (nor the Hitman 2 Access Pass they say they will make available after launch), since having both games on Steam is already the pass on itself, right?

Does this Hitman 1 GOTY access pack serve only to bypass (during the first 10 days) the screw-up they made that will be ‘blocking’ pre-existing owners of Hitman 1 to get their copies recognized inside the new game? Assuming they fix it after the first 10 days, the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass becomes obsolete for those who already ‘rightfully’ own the game on Steam/PC?
Any help regarding clearing this up would be immensely appreciated, since IOI is just assuming everyone knows what they’re talking about. And the more I read about it on the internet, the more variations on everyman’s opinion of what it is I find, and the more confusing it gets.
Thanks for anyone reading, and who will find a little bit of time to explain.

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The HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass is the DLC required to play H1 maps in Hitman 3, including Patient Zero and the GOTY escalations (and presumably the Requiem pack). It is the equivalent of GOTY Legacy Pack for Hitman 2.

The reason they are giving it away temporarily on EGS likely originally was to make up for the lack of proper transfer, but assuming they figure out how to make it work like announced today, it also acts as receiving all of H1 for free for newcomers to the series.

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Thank you so much, Salem. Truly appreciate it.
Assuming they figure out how to make the transfer work properly, then the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass (the one being announced for free if you pre-order or get the game within 10 days) is obsolete and not really needed then for those who already have H1 and H2 on Steam, right?

I can’t know the specifics so this is pure SPECULATION but if everything works properly, should you own either Hitman 2016 GOTY or GOTY Legacy Pack DLC on Steam, you’d be able to automatically redeem the EGS H1 GOTY Access Pack for Hitman 3, whenever you buy the game.
If you pre-order Hitman 3 or buy it within 10 days after release, you’ll receive the H1 GOTY Access Pack immediately so you don’t have to wait for the transfer system to be operational before playing season 1 maps in H3.

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Alright, Salem. Brilliant! Thank you truly a lot for taking a little bit of your time and patience to clear this out for me.
I hope they fix it so all those eager to play can have a good time.
I hope you have fun, too! Cheers!

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It seems IOI is actively avoiding this issue. When price reduction is gonna happen? @Travis_IOI


I reported the issue to Sergiy [from epic] on twitter and linked the increased price forum thread. He said that he’ll investigate it. If that means something.

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Sergei! Haven’t heard that name in years after I killed him and all his men.

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Thank you for trying to clear this out alongside with me.
I saw your screenshots of the current price in India and that is absolutely insane - totally not OK.
I emailed Epic but their response is pretty much that they won’t do anything about it.
I’ll keep messaging IOI (although they conveniently NEVER reply) and Travis and the other @ Epic about it to try and get this sorted. I appreciate it a lot to see you’re doing the same. We - the jeopardised ones - gotta stick together. I’ll let you know if I have something, and please, update me as well if they reply to you. Feel free to message me anytime. Good luck to us!

It includes access to all the patient zero missions, and other stuff

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Thank you for your reply!
Have fun with H3 in a few hours :slight_smile:

wait when does it come out? its like 3:00 in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:

wait, so even if you own the goty version of Hitman 2016, you need to buy this access pass to play it in Hitman 3?

Yes and no. Console players will have to redeem Legacy Pack on HITMAN 2, then they can obtain a free H1 access pass. In order to do so, H2 is required.

If it’s on EGS, whether you own H2016 or not, you will have 10 days to get the free access pass. H2016 owners can get it whenever they want.

it still just prompts me to buy the access pass. is this a known issue? i have the goty installed for both Hitman 1 and 2.