Can’t access digital soundtrack

Hi I’ve just purchased Hitman 3 deluxe via steam but in my io account page I can only see the comic book. How can I access the soundtrack?

Hello @TheApexMirage47

The soundtrack is found on the “reward and bonuses” tab on

From what you are saying, it seems to already be where you looked. So I see two possibilities :

  • your account is active but your game is not linked. Look in the “account overview” tab and verify that your Hitman III Deluxe shows there (and linked), the comic is free for all, but the soundtrack is bound to a linked account/game.

Whatever it is, this is what the page should look like when everything is done :

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Hi @LandirHome and thanks for your quick response. I’m double checked my account page and it says I have Hitman 3. It doesn’t mention any deluxe despite the fact that I’ve bought the deluxe edition and it’s deluxe in the game and the steam account and have access to exclusive content in game. Any ideas? Thank.

I have the exact same issue. Got the the deluxe on steam yesterday, linked my account and all, but I can only see the free comics in the rewards and bonuses tab.
Have this been fixed for you? Is it just a matter of waiting a few days?
Thanks in advance!

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I advise you to contact IOI Support directly.
You can do so at this page

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Hi guys! I still have the issue therefore I’ve contacted ioi support zen desk and I’ve provided some info to them and the situation is under investigation. I’ll update you here as soon as any changes.

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I did so as well, and I’m also waiting to hear back. :slight_smile:

Despite mentioning this was a problem that seemed to be affecting either all, or a big portion of users who bought the Deluxe Edition of the game on Steam, this was treated as if I’m an isolated case, and they requested all sorts of info to confirm my ownership of the Deluxe Edition, which I have now provided.

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Hi everyone according to ioi

The issue should be fixed.
I now have access to OST and ioi support also emailed me to inform the patch. Hopefully everyone can enjoy the content


Got the same reply today. :wink:

At first, the extras weren’t there, but I launched the game again, and now my IOI account has 2 entries for Hitman 3 (one for just the game, another for the Deluxe Edition), and the extras are now available. :raised_hands: