Can’t download legacy pack, so i can’t get goty access pass

I have the steelbook complete first season (non-goty version) for Hitman 1 and need to get the legacy pack for Hitman 2, before being able to transfer Hitman 1 levels to Hitman 3. The problem is the Legacy Pack is “not currently available” on Xbox. I downloaded the free starter pack for Hitman 2, and it still doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

Are you looking at the Legacy Pack through the H1 or the H2 launcher? From what I’ve been able to find, the standard Legacy Pack has been removed for paid purchase - but I assume it would still be able to be redeemed for free through the H1 launcher in the Store tab.

Otherwise the only solution would be to pay to upgrade H1 to GOTY, then redeem the GOTY Legacy Pack which still seems to be available.

@Travis_IOI Is the removal of the standard Legacy Pack for H2 intentional? It seems to have vanished on the PlayStation Store too.

Just to clear this out: you can’t transfer HITMAN 1 levels or progression to HITMAN 3 directly.
You need to glue up HITMAN 1 with HITMAN 2 first by redeeming Legacy Pack for H2.
I assume you know that already and doiing (trying) exactly the same, but that is just for information.

To be 100% clear, I understood you have HITMAN 1 Complete Season disc, right?
What version of HITMAN 2 do you have? I won’t state this firmly, but I guess Free Starter Pack won’t help you to merge all 3 games under H3. Again, I might be wrong here, but I think you should own the full H2 game for this to work. Do you have it?

As for technical part, I won’t be able to help, because I don’t know how consoles stores work

When it comes to owning the disc version of HITMAN 1, the main issue for lots of people who are unable to redeem the Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2 is that they’re missing Bonus Episode, which is downloaded by redeeming a code from the box.

First thing you need to do is make sure all 7 episodes of HITMAN 1 (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido & Bonus Episode) are owned and downloaded in order to be eligible to redeem the Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2.
Bonus Episode is the most important one as it’s downloaded by redeeming a code located in the box of the disc. Double check that you have access to the Bonus Missions.

Once you’ve made sure all 7 episodes of HITMAN 1 are downloaded, you’ll be able to redeem the Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2 HITMAN Legacy Pack FAQ - IO Interactive

Once you’ve redeemed the Legacy pack for HITMAN 2, there shouldn’t be any issues with claiming the HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass for HITMAN 3

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I was looking at the legacy pack through the Hitman 1 launcher, In the hitman 1 launcher on the store tab it’s telling me the Legacy pack is free to redeem but once I press redeem on it, It sends me to the xbox store and says “Not currently Available”

As for Hitman 2 I own the gold edition, Not sure If i should try installing the full gold edition again even though on the ioi page says I only need the starter pack installed.

You need to get Legacy Pack through HITMAN 2. Because Legacy Pack is that same HITMAN 1 but it works only within HITMAN 2

If you saying that Legacy Pack unavailable through console store, I’m afraid you need to install the full game and visit the store in the game. Does Starter Pack even has the store? But nevertheless, you saying Starting Pack does not work in sense of giving you Legacy Pack.
So maybe you need to install the full game indeed.

You can throw a line to an official HITMAN 3 Support Hub and ask them directly how you can merge up all three games within HITMAN 3 in your situation. Maybe they’ll give you a clue what to do.
The Hub is here:

So Hitman 2 fully installed and that didn’t seem to fix the issue sadly, I did open a ticket with ioi so hopefully they fix the issue.

The issue appears to be that when IO has removed the standard Legacy Pack from sale (presumably to simplify the offerings/DLC paths), its also removed it from being redeemed for free. The OP is able to get to the right place and have the game/store recognise that it should be free to redeem, but it’s no longer able to be added to content libraries as a result of the de-listing.

Unless the de-listing is reversed, the only available path to getting the Legacy Pack in H2 for non-GOTY owners of H1 now is to upgrade H1 to GOTY to then be eligible for the GOTY Legacy Pack which is still available.

The fact the standard Legacy Pack has been removed on PlayStation Store and Steam too indicates that its removal was likely intentional and isn’t just an error, so I can’t see a resolution being possible from the Support Hub unless they just hand out a free redemption code for the GOTY Legacy Pack.

I just got myself a copy of Hitman The Complete First Season to go along with Hitman 2 only to find out what many of us are experiencing the Hitman Legacy Pack “not currently available”. What a waste of money…

It’s not a complete waste of money. You’ll just need to buy the digital upgrade to the GOTY Edition, and then you’ll be able to redeem the GOTY Legacy Pack.