Can’t enter the whole trilogy!

I’m an owner of a digital copy of Hitman, an owner of Hitman 2 by a Disc and recently I get Hitman 3 on disc also.

As you know the whole trilogy supposed to be available to me via the Hitman 3 game.

I do not expect that Hitman 2 will appear because it’s a Disc and all of the license is stand by the disc but the first game is a digital copy and I can’t access to his missions from Hitman 3.

It ask me to “get access” by purchasing the game from ps store, even i already own the copy. But even if I push “get access” I get an error that the game is not available on store or it’s not in sale.

Another weird thing, my rank / Level is 1 but on Hitman 2 I’m Level 120 when I’m entering the game.

Why do in need the GOTY edition if I have the standard edition and even the Legacy edition of the first game?

Why when I play on Hitman 2 the missions of Hitman are Available and in Hitman 3 does not?

As far as I’m aware, none of the Access Passes (for the previous levels) are available yet. (And if you have a physical copy of H2, you’ll need to get that through the H2 in-game store) They will probably be available in another 15 or so hours when the game officially goes live at 13:00 UTC.

The progression transfer happens on IO’s website, but isn’t live yet.

Full information is on IO’s website.


First off, do you own all 3 of these games on the same platform?
Second, try doing the progress transfer.
Third, make sure all content is installed for each game, including the hitman 2 free starter pack. You can uninstall any extras after everything is redeemed.

Sorry I didn’t realize it wasn’t up yet. Try these steps after it is

Hello friends,
I will answer to your reply’s:

I have Hitman 1 in digital copy,
Hitman 2 on Disc with Legacy pack from Hitman 1
And today I got my Hitman 3 on disc also.

I check the download content in each game and it’s seems like everything is fine.
All the missions from the first game are installed and all of the content of Hitman 2 are installed too.

The carry-over site that ioi said that will be available before launch is not working.

i just buy it on the xbox store. But i can see your on playstation ( because of the O and X symbols)


another thought, i was opened an ioi account yesterday. is it matter for the carry-over?

Yes, it does. You must register HITMAN 2 with that account to carry your progress over.

The carryover process requires an IOI Account and can only be done through a web browser, it’s not possible to do it in-game. We will have the website ready to go before launch, but it is not live yet. Once it is ready, we will share the news via and update this post.

ok so i do that yesterday.
in my profile on HITMAN 2 i see my account with my mail and also on HITMAN 3.

Buy the question is if the Carry-over site is work or not yet?

It’s not ready yet. We will have to wait.

i really not understand ioi…
Players who wants to save their progress can’t start Hitman 3 because if you start it and then decide to Carry-Over will need to let go their current progress…

Chill out, friend. The game isn’t even officially out yet (it will be in 4 hours). Please be patient.


after 20 years of Hitman you will understand the hype :upside_down_face:

it’s my first time on this forum and i have to say that people here are very helpful :slight_smile:

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