Can<t load Saved files that are using HItman GOTY and Hitman 2

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Hi, I have just bought the game hitman 3, I already have Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, I can start a game , but I can<t load a save because its telling me its a loading error because I dont have hitman GOTY and hitman 2 wich I have. I also have done my transfer account. I am on xbox live , my username is Waxymax, plz help me. :frowning:

Thx in advance

Save files can’t be transferred.
Only progression data is being transferred and nothing more.
You will have to start a new game, which should work all across the trilogy

It gives a “Content missing” type error for any newly created save files.

See attached screenshot

What platform are you on?

I am playing on Xbox One.

Sadly I can’t help you then

same issue here, the only way itts works its when I ddont use items or suits from Hitman 1 or 2, tthen I can save and reload, but now all my inventory career is all wrong I dont know why really weird sometime I have all my suits and when I relog no more suits lol

It not our old saving files, its when we savee our game in hitman 3 if for example wee want to try something else and you reload quickly , well its just doesnt work. Strangee I send as email to IOI waiting for a response in a couple of days sadly