Can the winter suit still be unlocked?

I read you need to get 5 sa rank elusives , is that still the case ? I have 2 so far and would love that outfit, the Black’s ones even nicer but from what I read its not attainable .

The Winter Suit is still unlockable from completing five elusive targets SA in HITMAN 3. The Black Winter suit is not and never was unlockable this way.


Cool thx. Least I can still get it. Probably my favourite so far. I prefer black one but not sure aboutvthe pin, think I prefer without pin

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I’d be amazed if it wasn’t possible to unlock as at the time I type this post (whilst the 4th HITMAN 3 ET, The Politician, is live). The fact that they’ve retained the Elusive Targets 5 challenge (ie. complete at least 15 ETs, SA or not, and unlock the Casual Undercover Suit) makes me think that there will be at least 15 ETs in HITMAN 3 in, at very worst, a mix of ‘new’ H3 targets and/or recycled H1-H2 targets.

Seeing as we are on ET #4 for HITMAN 3, I’d be very surprised if we don’t have at least 11 more ETs (new or recycled) still to come, so I’d estimate that - in the most pessimistic case - you’d have up to ET #11 to have finished before it was no longer possible for a new player to unlock the Winter Suit.


You’re awesome.:+1::slightly_smiling_face::facepunch:

ah so that would leave me one shy of that other suit you mentioned for completing 15

Ah that is pretty awesome looking. But I don’t like as much as winter suit.

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I’m fairly confident that there will be more than 15 ETs over the lifecycle of HITMAN 3 - firstly because there are 30+ ‘legacy’ H1-H2 ETs which could potentially be recycled in HITMAN 3, plus any ‘new’ H3 ETs (like the recent The Collector), available as a pool to choose from; and secondly because even if they don’t actually end up bringing back all of the old legacy ETs in HITMAN 3, I have faith that IOI wouldn’t be so harsh as to only release 15 ETs for HITMAN 3 in total, as that would make earning the Casual Undercover Suit a ‘No Fails Allowed’ situation for any new H3 players on board at launch, and impossible for anyone who started H3 started after The Deceivers.

I’m 99% confident there’ll be at least 15 ETs in HITMAN 3, and maybe 80-90% confident that there will be 20+ ETs in HITMAN 3 in total, so provided you don’t miss a bunch from now on, I’d bet that you’d still be able to earn all the ET related suits currently achievable in the game. :+1:


Nice. Thx for info mate. :+1:

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