Can you please remove the Dubai Server Room Column restriction

The Dubai Server Room column that lets you bypass the security alarm only activates when you have the server room keycard in your possession from the NPC down the hall but you can use a hacker keycard to override it.

Can you please remove the keycard restriction on the keycard column , it made sense for the mission story but for normal runs it is stupid and similar keycard columns like in New York never had this restriction.


Once in contract I prepared a hacker keycard for the server only to find out it’s not available without knocking out the matainace crew. If “No Pacification” is on this could be annoying.

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Put me down for another vote as someone who’d like this to change.

Okay but here’s my question. When is the server room console ever useful for contracts? I’ve played numerous contracts on Dubai, but never had to use it once. This is an honest question btw.

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Well it’s long time ago so a bit hard to recall. Maybe I decided to disable the cameras from the server or maybe I was playing a roulette run and planned to arrange the meeting between Ingram and Styd…(this Dutch name is really difficult to recite :joy:)

It is very good for disabling cameras or moving the targets, you don’t always have to kill them in the room.

Disabling the cameras the normal way is easy enough though. Won’t require a key hacker or taking out an NPC either. The only use is getting the two targets together and when it comes to contracts, even that isn’t required.

Still agree though that you shouldn’t have to knock out the janitor to take the security card from him.