Cannot complete T47 Challenge

I have played this challenge a dozen times. Have reviewed many youtube videos and still cannot finish this mission. Most of the videos were made pre-patch so I’m ‘not sure what has changed besides you cant sit in the chair in the owners’ office to shoot them with your own shotgun. I have tried looking for an icon on the bike that is “in the middle” but all I see are the ones on the sides. What do I have to do to finish this challenge?

Originally this challenge requires you to eliminate all agents with their own short shotgun while disguised as a biker. You can start a game as a biker in their hideout and acquire their shotgun.
Personally I completed this challenge while nobody seen me killing the targets i.e. killed targets with no witnesses. After you kill all 5 required targets, exit the mission via the bike in bikers’ hideout.
The challenge should be marked as done on the ending screen. It won’t pop up at the right corner

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So maybe I don’t understand. Do I knock out each agent and steal whatever weapon drops from them?

No, just get any biker’s shotgun.
Not necessary to swap weapon everytime or chase agents for it. Any biker with shotgun will do

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I stole the shotgun from a storage room inside the biker hangout and used that. But the challenge wouldn’t be complete. So maybe I’m using the wrong one?

Maybe just the challenge is bugged.
Try to knock out some biker and get his shotgun.
If this wouldn’t work either, I bet the challenge is most likely bugged then.
But I did it with no issues, even before the update.
Maybe you indeed have to meet some specific conditions… I can’t tell you as I saw videos where people were killing agents with own smuggled silenced shotgun. So I don’t know, really

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Yeah, I tried bringing the silenced shotgun but that didn’t work either. So I’ll try knocking out a biker and get his and see what happens. Thanks for the ideas.

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When I did this challenge, I started as a biker and smuggled in a silenced shotgun. I eliminated 5 of the agents with the shotgun and then left on the motorbike. It unlocked fine for me, so I’d suggest doing that if you’re having trouble

So just for the record. I took the shotgun from the biker hangout room that you start out in dressed as a biker. That worked fine. I finally did the challenge. I think what must have happened is I took a shotgun that the game didn’t want me to use the first dozen times >.< Thanks for the help.

As I said Pootis I did that already and it didn’t unlock but its all good since I did it finally.

Fair enough. Glad it worked out.